Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir to die

Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir to die

Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir to die Ranbir assures Yashwardhan and his daughter that he will find the groom. Kaya gets jealous at the thought of Ranbir and Prachi being together. Ranbir almost ends up coming face-to-face with Prachi. Ranbir gets caught by the terrorists. The terrorist is asked by the commissioner to state his demands so they can converse and bargain. The terrorist describes his aspiration to rule the entire planet. Aryan and Vikram attempt to calm a Pallavi who is in distress. She requests that they go get Ranbir. She cannot let Ranbir pass away. She promises to go and save Ranbir.

The numerous explosions in the city are reported by the media. When they learn that, Vikram and Pallavi are astonished. Prachi helps the guests and directs them to leave the hotel. Prachi receives the woman’s blessing to meet the person for whom she is sobbing. Kaya is asked to go by Prachi. Kaya is adamant about going with Ranbir. Concerned for Ranbir, she says. Prachi queries why she is bringing him up. Kaya expresses her dislike towards him. An incoming call is shown to Prachi. Kaya said the police won’t be entering. It’s a significant terrorist attack, Prachi tells Kaya.


The terrorists develop new strategies. Kaya announces that it is time to make a call to a person she has never wanted to make. Prachi queries what she is doing. Call attempt by Kaya. She spills her phone. There is no network, so Prachi queries her as to what she is doing. The terrorist informs them that their phones won’t have network access. He makes an announcement on the captive, that the guy is none other than the famous Ranbir Kohli. Kaya and Prachi are totally astonished to hear Ranbir’s name.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir to die:

The terrorist announces that he has captured a famous person, he is the would son-in-law of the big businessman’s Yashvardhan Singhania. He tells that if they all don’t come to surrender, then he will shoot Ranbir. He names Ranbir Kohli. Prachi and Kaya are shocked and so are Yashvardhan’s family. Kaya runs to save Ranbir. Prachi gets dizzy on hearing the shocking news. Yashvardhan doesn’t want his family to take risk.

Sandy tells that the terrorists are mistaken that Ranbir is going to marry Pari. He wants to save Ranbir. Pari also goes to help. Yashvardhan asks them not to get mad. The terrorists decide to catch Yashvardhan for their purpose. They splash water over Ranbir’s face and awaken him. Ranbir finds himself tied up. He asks them to spare the people. The terrorists ask him to summon his father-in-law. Ranbir asks them do they know his father-in-law. He tells that he didn’t meet his wife since six years, but he feels she is around. He gets beaten up.

The terrorist tells that he wants Yashvardhan Singhania. Ranbir tells that he isn’t Yash’s son-in-law, he doesn’t know him. The terrorist threatens him. Kaya reaches there and runs to Ranbir. She asks him if he got shot. She scolds him. He asks her why did she come, how will she escape now. She tells that she will not leave him alone, she won’t let anything happen to him. He tells that problems will double up now. He calls her a problem. She calls him a problem because he is foolish to invite trouble.

She wants to help him. She tells that he doesn’t need her help. He asks her to please leave. Terrorist asks Ranbir if he has an affair with Kaya. She asks him to mind his own business. She gets caught. Yashvardhan and his family walks into the hall. Terrorist welcomes him. Yash offers them money. Terrorist laughs at his foolish offer. He tells that they work for their mission, that’s to kill of them together. They start shooting the people madly. The people run for their lives. Prachi arrives there to save her Ranbir. She finds him helplessly tied to the rope. The terrorists drop smoke cans there.

Prachi goes towards Ranbir. He is in disbelief on seeing her alive. He cries out of happiness. He asks her is she really in front of him. Sandy and Pari take Kaya with them. Kaya happens to see Prachi with Ranbir. Prachi frees Ranbir from the ropes. Ranbir believes the surprising reality. She asks Ranbir to run. He hugs her happily. She asks him to just run. They run out of the hall. The terrorists blast the hotel floors. Kohlis are scared for Ranbir’s life.

Inspector tells that they are trying to save the hostages. Police makes plans to enter the building. Ranbir stops Prachi. He asks her is she really alive. He hugs her to believe her existence. Ranbir and Prachi break down into tears. He tells that he used to pray every morning, he prays for her well-being and long life. He asks her why didn’t she come to meet him. He questions her where did she stay and with whom. He hides her from the terrorists. Prachi cries and shows her bitterness towards Ranbir. She runs away from him. He follows her. She tries to avoid him. He asks her is she scared of him.

She tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him. He tells that she didn’t speak to him since six years, she is alive, her memory and mental condition also look okay. He asks why did she cheat him by hiding about her existence. He wants to know why didn’t she meet him, when she is aware of his deep love for her. He asks if she didn’t think of him once. He feels cheated. She remembers his harsh accusations. She tells that he won’t be able to listen to her answer.

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