Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Preeran swap

Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Preeran swap

Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Preeran swap Kritika goes to call Arjun for the wedding. She is moved to see Prithvi as the groom. Prithvi is also shocked to see her. Sherlyn enquires if Prithvi is okay. Shambu returns back to his hideout. He tells Sherlyn that Prithvi is okay, he is getting married to Preeta. she can’t believe it. Prithvi renders Kritika unconscious and hides her inside a big chest. Rakhi asks Sameer to get a chunri. Sameer gets the heavy chest from the storeroom.

Rakhi asks him why did he get the chest, when she just asked for a chunri. Prithvi gets worried that they will unlock the chest and find Kritika inside. He gets saved once again. Prithvi takes Arjun’s place in the mandap and is really happy to see Preeta’s sweet face. Soon, Anjali and Priyanka make a plan and replace the bride. Anjali takes Preeta’s place in the mandap to marry Arjun, unaware that Prithvi is sitting as the groom. A lot of confusion occurs. What would happen next? Will Sherlyn arrive to stop Prithvi’s marriage? Who will end up marrying? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Prithvi wants to take revenge. He tells that he will sit in the mandap today and marry Preeta. He provokes Karan by sharing his wedding night plans. Karan angrily bashes him. Prithvi hits on his head. Karan falls unconscious. Sameer goes to call Arjun. Shrishti and Kritika compliment Preeta. Kritika tells that she also wanted a sister. Preeta tells that she is her sister.

Kritika loves her. She asks Preeta to come downstairs. Prithvi gets ready as the groom. He hides his face by putting the sehra/veil. Sameer asks Arjun to come for the wedding. Prithvi ties up Karan and locks him in the cupboard. He tells that it’s a grand wedding. Prithvi gets happy that his dream will get fulfilled, he just wants to marry her. He tells that his love for Preeta is true, he still love her, nobody can defeat him until he loses the battle by his will. He boasts of his smartness.

Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Update Preeran swap:

Prithvi returns to Karan’s room to find his missing phone. He goes to joke on Karan. He asks Karan if he has stolen his phone. He looks for his phone. He finds it fallen under the bed. He picks it. Kritika comes there to call Arjun. She finds Prithvi dressed up as the groom. She is stunned. He fools her by acting sweet. He tells her that he was finding her. She asks him where is Arjun, why is he wearing Arjun’s clothes. She wants to know why did he come when he destroyed her family. He tells that she is innocent, but she can guess what he wants. She tries to run. She falls.

He asks her where will she go. She tells that she will tell his truth to the family. He hides her away. Kritika attempts to run. Preeta performs the puja. Rakhi tells that the groom is making them wait. Shrishti and Sameer wait for Kritika. They hear Kritika’s voice, but fail to see her in Prithvi’s clutches. Prithvi threatens Kritika. Mahesh and Sameer look for Kritika. They don’t find her. Prithvi attacks Kritika. He puts an unconscious Kritika inside a chest. He locks it as well. Dadi asks Arjun to come with her. Prithvi covers his face. He goes to the mandap and takes the groom’s place. Prithvi dreams of marrying Preeta.

Rakhi asks Sameer to get the Matarani chunri from the chest. Sameer goes to get it. Priyanka asks Anjali not to show her face to anyone after wearing the bridal dress. She helps Anjali. Sameer looks for the chest. Rishabh helps him locate the chest. Sameer finds it locked. He tells that he didn’t get the key. He finds it heavy like some girl is sitting inside. Rishabh asks him to stop joking. They lift the chest and take it to Rakhi. Shambu remembers Prithvi’s words. He realizes how Prithvi framed him. Shambu’s goon tricks the police. Shambu gets lucky to escape.

He tells the police that his goons have come to help him. Prithvi is happy that he got saved from Shambu. He wants to marry Preeta and get rich. He feels he will love Kavya as his daughter, because he really loves Preeta. Shambu gets mad that Prithvi cheated him. He asks his goons to get Sherlyn. She asks him if Prithvi is okay. He tells her that Prithvi is okay and happy also, because he is getting married. She can’t believe it. Rishabh and Sameer get the chest and ask Rakhi to unlock it. Rakhi asks Sameer for the chunri. Prithvi grows anxious. He doesn’t want his secret to come out.

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