Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Wedding finale

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Wedding finale

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Wedding finale Karan and Preeta are going ahead with their marriage decision after facing a series of hurdles. Preeta and Prithvi’s huge row turns out to be Prithvi’s dream sequence. He is still sitting in the mandap as the groom. Preeta faces Anjali. Anjali and Priyanka trick Preeta and take care to the room. Anjali tells Preeta that she loves Arjun and he is just of her. She tells that just she has a right on Arjun and his sindoor. Preeta gives her an answer by slapping her. She tells that she has a relation of seven births with Arjun, because he is her Karan. She tells that Arjun is Karan and only she will marry him.

Anjali succeeds in making Preeta away from the mandap. Anjali tells Preeta that she is going to marry the same guy, who Preeta was going to marry. She stuns Preeta saying that the groom will be same, but the bride will get swapped. Prithvi wants his revenge on Karan. He tells that he has come to become Preeta’s groom. Preeta tries to escape, but Priyanka catches her and makes her smell the chloroform. They attack Preeta and hide her, in the same way like Prithvi had taken Arjun’s place. Priyanka takes Anjali to the mandap. Anjali doesn’t know that the groom is Prithvi. She is delighted to marry Arjun.


Prithvi is also unaware that the bride under the veil is Anjali. Sameer and Shrishti unlock the chest. They find an unconscious Kritika inside. They are much shocked. They help her regain consciousness. Shrishti asks Kritika to sip some water. Kritika panics and tells them that Prithvi is in the house, he had put her inside the chest. Sameer can’t believe this. He tells that Prithvi can’t come home. Kritika tells that Prithvi has head to the mandap to take Arjun’s place. She runs to alert the family about Prithvi’s cheat. Even Sherlyn rushes to the Luthra house to stop Prithvi’s marriage. Will they succeed in stopping the marriage? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Wedding finale:

Preeta cries for Kavya. She agrees to marry Prithvi. Prithvi asks Kavya to stand silently, else he will shoot her. He asks Preeta to marry him. He instructs the pandit to hurry up with the rituals. Prithvi holds Preeta’s hand and takes the rounds with her. She takes a firewood and strikes him. Prithvi breaks out of his imagination. Preeta feels uneasy when she gives her hand to Prithvi. Priyanka reaches there to take Preeta with her. Preeta takes her hand away. Prithvi doesn’t want her to react like she reacted in his daydream. He can’t let her go away. He thinks to distract Preeta and everyone.

Preeta gets suspicious and tries to see his face. Prithvi distracts them. He spills some curd over his clothes. Rakhi asks Arjun to clean his clothes. He plans to do something to stop Preeta. Priyanka offers help to Preeta in cleaning her clothes, because Shrishti and Kritika aren’t around. Dadi asks Preeta to go with Priyanka. She tells that Priyanka is Anjali’s friend. Priyanka tells that Anjali went work for some work. Prithvi goes away to save himself. He feels scared that Preeta caught him, she had sensed Karan isn’t behind the sehra.

He is glad that he didn’t let the dream turn into reality. He wonders how did Preeta recognize him by a single touch. He tells that Preeta and Karan’s love connection is so strong. He finds Arjun there. He checks Arjun, asking him to get up and go to his place. Karan attacks him and then faints. Prithvi checks him. He is grateful that nobody else saw Arjun outside the room. He doesn’t want anyone to see them. He takes Karan to hide him in the cupboard. Preeta misses to see Karan. Priyanka helps Preeta in cleaning the dress. Anjali shocks Preeta by appearing in front of her, wearing the same bridal dress.

Preeta asks her what’s the joke. Anjali tells that Preeta is smart enough to know the reason. Preeta understands that Anjali wants to marry Arjun. She asks Anjali what’s her plan. Anjali tells that she wants to marry Arjun, she will take Preeta’s place in the mandap. Anjali asks Preeta to stop the drama. She tells that she loves Arjun since a long time. Preeta asks if Arjun loves her. Anjali tells that Arjun doesn’t know, but he will know it soon, she is crossing limits to get his love. She is proud of herself. Preeta asks her what did she do. Anjali hits on her head to make her faint. Preeta gets hurt. She tells that she won’t let her do anything wrong. She tries to run, but Priyanka catches her and makes her smell the chloroform.

They hide Preeta in the room. Anjali thanks Priyanka for having a backup. Priyanka asks Anjali to put the ghunghat and sit in the mandap. Sameer and Shrishti go to call the key maker to open the chest. They end up arguing. She calls him unromantic. He contacts the keymaker and asks him to come to Luthra house. Bani comes to meet Preeta. She asks why did she put the veil. Priyanka tells that pandit has asked Preeta to put the veil. Anjali wants the marriage to complete soon. Bani takes Anjali with her. Anjali gets glad to get her love. Prithvi hides Karan in the washroom. He tells that he is going to marry Preeta. He shares about his scary daydream and how he alert he has turned. He wants the family to put the marriage on fast track. He tells that he has come to take revenge on him.

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