Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Update Perfect Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Update Perfect Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Update Perfect Rishi Ayush finds Rishi confused that he loves Lakshmi. Rishi tells that he isn’t confused, care doesn’t mean love. He asks Ayush not to trouble him. Ayush asks why does he care for Lakshmi, if he doesn’t love her, then who does he love. Rishi tells that he thinks he loves Lakshmi, as the entire family thinks. Ayush tells that love is to be felt. He knows the family wants him to marry Malishka, but Virender, Dadi and Ahana want him to marry Lakshmi. He doesn’t think Rishi has cheated Lakshmi. He has faith on Rishi that he can’t do anything wrong with Malishka, when he loves Lakshmi. He tells that Rishi should be paired with Lakshmi.

He asks Rishi why did he admit that mistake, the family is supporting Malishka because of him. Rishi asks him to try to understand him. He feels he doesn’t deserve Lakshmi. He wants Ayush to understand, he respects Lakshmi a lot. He asks the matchmaker Neela to come home. He informs Ayush that Neela is one of the best matchmaker, she will find the best guy for Lakshmi. He knows Lakshmi doesn’t love him. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Rishi doesn’t love her, so her feelings don’t matter at all. She has so much questions in her heart. She is tired answering it to herself. She tells Shalu that she doesn’t have any peace, she doesn’t want to think of Rishi. She wants to go away from everyone.


Shalu asks her not to go anywhere. She hugs her sister. Ayush informs Lakshmi that the matchmaker is coming. Lakshmi tells that its good if she get married and leaves from Oberoi house. Neela asks Rishi about the kind of guy he is looking for Lakshmi. Rishi tells that the guy should be considerate of Lakshmi’s emotions, he shouldn’t ignore his pain and understand her feelings, he should deserve Lakshmi. Karishma tells that such guy can’t exist. Ayush tells that he knows such guy. He shows Rishi’s picture to them. Malishka gets mad at Ayush. Lakshmi gets hurt and sprains her foot. Rishi cares for her and understands she is in pain. He cheers her up and makes her smile. He likes her smiling face.

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th February 2023 Written Update Perfect Rishi:

Karishma and Neelam are angry that Rano always comes home and creates a ruckus. They find Lakshmi unlucky and Rano torturing. Dadi asks them to not say anything bad to Lakshmi. She wants them to think positive, if Rishi is with them, then its because of Lakshmi. Neela comes home and tells Dadi that she has come on Rishi’s call. Dadi asks Neela to find an alliance for Sonia as well. Sonia gets rude and misbehaves with Neela. Neela asks her to change her attitude, it won’t help her.

Neela asks Dadi for who is she finding a guy. Dadi tells that she is finding a guy for Lakshmi. She explains that Rishi and Lakshmi got divorced. Neela is amazed to know that the Sasural is finding a suitable alliance for their bahu, they are supporting her after the divorce. She tells that Lakshmi would be too good that the family loves her so much. Dadi tells that they are unfortunate to lose Lakshmi. Neela is sure that Lakshmi is really a gem at heart. Balwinder tortures Kamli. He tells that Lakshmi can’t help her.

He tells her that he will ruin Lakshmi’s life. Kamli weeps in sorrow. Lakshmi advises Shalu to not fight with Rano. Shalu tells that Ran can do anything for money. Ayush tells them that matchmaker is coming. Lakshmi wants to get married and leave from the house. Shalu feels helpless. Ayush tells that they will unite Rishi and Lakshmi. Shalu tells that Lakshmi doesn’t want to be with Rishi. Ayush replies that they both will do something. Bani is afraid that Rano will vent her anger on Lakshmi. Rano returns home. Bani asks her if she had gone to fight with Lakshmi. She scolds Bani for questioning her.

Bani asks Rano not to show that she worries for them, when she just worries for money. She knows about Rano and Balwinder’s deal. Rishi meets Neela. He thanks her for coming so soon. He tells that he can tell about Lakshmi. Neela tells that she has already heard about Lakshmi. She asks him about the kind of guy he wants for Lakshmi. Dadi asks her to just speak to Rishi. Neela realizes that Neelam and Karishma are against Lakshmi. Rishi tells that he can describe the suitable guy, he has written the required qualities and family background. Neela asks him to explain.

Rishi tells that the guy should be modern and also have family values, he should respect women, he should be balanced in his life, he should care for Lakshmi’s happiness, he should be honest, cheerful and positive, he should help Lakshmi in household work. He recalls Lakshmi. He tells that the guy should understand Lakshmi’s sorrow, he shouldn’t ignore her pain and try to make her laugh, he brings a smile on her face, because she looks really the best when she smiles. He tells that the guy should give much importance to Lakshmi. Neela smiles listening to him.

Rishi tells that Lakshmi likes to do work all day, the guy should take care of her. Sonia asks Rishi if he has massaged Lakshmi’s legs too. He tells that he has done it. Dadi gets emotional realizing that Rishi loves Lakshmi. Rishi reads out the entire list of qualities. Neela tells that she has understood everything, but its impossible to find it in a single person. Rishi tells that Lakshmi has all these qualities, he wants a deserving guy, else he won’t get Lakshmi married. Karishma doesn’t think there is any guy with such qualities. Ayush tells that such a noble guy exists. Rano yells at Bani. Bani weeps. Dadi asks Ayush how is it possible for such a guy to exist.

Ayush tells that Rishi is finding a guy with determination. Dadi tells that her late husband had all those qualities. Ayush tells that he knows about such a guy. Neela tells that that guy exists, but he is rare. Ayush tells that he has the photo of that guy, they should get Lakshmi married to him. Rishi happily hugs Ayush and tells that he has solved his problem. Ayush shows the photo to Dadi. Dadi tells that they both look made for each other. She asks Ayush to show the photo to Neela. Malishka arrives and asks Ayush to show the photo to her. She is shocked to see Rishi. She asks Ayush did he go mad to show Rishi’s photo. Neelam asks Ayush not to lose his mind. Malishka asks him does he mean to say that Rishi and Lakshmi should marry again. Ayush admits his intentions.

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