Udaariyaan Nehmat solid revelation 13th February 2023

Udaariyaan Nehmat solid revelation 13th February 2023

Udaariyaan Nehmat solid revelation 13th February 2023 Ekam rescues Nehmat and brings her to Sandhu house. The family first thinks of informing Kapoors about Nehmat, but Ekam stops them and asks them to not involve the Kapoors until Nehmat gains consciousness. Nehmat meets her family and begs them to save her life from Advait and Kapoors. She tells them that Advait has tried to kill her. The Sandhus can’t believe when Nehmat tells that Advait had kidnapped her. Nehmat falls weak. She isn’t able to explain them the entire situation. Ekam stays with her, while she gets treated and sleeps all night.

The family stays concerned for Nehmat. Next day, Nehmat reveals to the family about Advait and her fight, how Advait had cheated her twice and she decided to divorce him. She reveals that Advait had tried to kill her just to hide the affair news. She tells them that Advait is against the divorce, and wants her to cover up his disgusting acts. She adds that Advait and his entire family are evil, they aren’t good people, they had kidnapped her and kept her in the basement by drugging her only to meet their motives of winning the elections. She shows the inhumane side of the Kapoors, which shakes up Ekam and Sandhus.


Nehmat then reveals that she wasn’t pregnant with Advait’s child, it was a clean lie of Shamsher just to hide one of Advait’s extra-marital affair. Nehmat clears the entire matter in front of Ekam. Ekam feels Nehmat’s pain. He can’t imagine the kind of trauma she had been through. Rupy decides to get back at Advait and Shamsher. Nehmat gets Ekam’s support. Sandhus get grateful to Ekam for saving Nehmat’s life. Advait and Shamsher come up with a backup plan to hide Nehmat’s matter from the media. They don’t want Nehmat to ruin their public image. How will Ekam and Nehmat expose Advait’s truth? Keep reading.

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