Anupama 14th February 2023 Update Kinjal accused

Anupama 14th February 2023 Update Kinjal accused

Anupama 14th February 2023 Update Kinjal accused Vanraj asks Kavya not to go anywhere, because he needs her. She tells that why doesn’t they need the thing that they already have. She explains that she was jobless and used to long for his attention, she has also gone through this same phase, he had deliberately ignored her, but she has work commitments, she can’t neglect her work, she can’t take extra offs. She asks him to understand her. She feels sorry. She tells that it’s a fact, Paritosh may take years to recover, they can’t leave everything and sit at home. She asks him to handle things at home. She leaves for her work. Vanraj is remorseful. Maya feels ignored when Anu spends more time with Anupama.

Anuj and Anupama are glad seeing Ankush and Barkha’s concern for Paritosh. Anuj tells that Paritosh will be okay soon. Maya feels out of place, when she sees Anupama getting the family’s love. She wishes to take Anupama’s place in the family. An evil thought gets rooted in her mind. She tells Anu that she has to pack her school bag. Anu tells that Anupama has come back, she will check everything. Anupama pampers Anu. Maya tells that she will put Anu to sleep. Anu refuses to go with her. Maya turns upset. Kinjal gets stressed when she recalls Rakhi’s words. She gets ready to take up a job.


Barkha tells Maya that Anupama will never get away from Anu, Anupama has loved Anu. She declares that Anu will never leave Anuj and Anupama. Rakhi wants Kinjal to move on. Kinjal finds Paritosh sleeping and leaves for work. Paritosh falls down the bed. Leela blames Kinjal for PAritosh’s fall. Rakhi defends her daughter. She tells that Kinjal isn’t a servant to work for them, earn for them and then hear accusations and scolding from them. Rakhi and Leela get into a fight, while Vanraj and Kinjal get genuinely worried for Paritosh. Anupama puts Anu to sleep. She finds everything well in her house and wonders about the things going at Shah house.

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