YRKKH 15th February 2023 Update Abhimanyu Aarohi wedding

YRKKH 15th February 2023 Update Abhimanyu Aarohi wedding

YRKKH 15th February 2023 Update Abhimanyu Aarohi wedding Abhimanyu consoles Ruhi. The kids don’t understand their relation at their age. Aarohi doesn’t think the kids did wrong and forgives them. Abhimanyu tells Ruhi that love connection is important in relationships. The kids don’t deter and tell Abhimanyu that he is Ruhi’s uncle, Ruhi is a cheater to tell them that he is her dad. Abhimanyu finds Ruhi crying inconsolably. He hugs her. Aarohi feels bad watching the entire drama where her daughter is getting targeted for not having her dad along with her.

Abhimanyu stops the people from hurting Ruhi’s sentiments. Abhinav and Akshara meet Abhir’s teacher who tells them that its important for kids to know the family members and stay in touch, else it affects the child’s mental growth. She tells that it can lead to confusions in life, the family makes a lasting impression on a child, Abhir should meet the family. She tells them that Abhir needs a family, their absence can lead to complexes in him. Akshara grows worried. Abhimanyu tells the people that relationships exist between a parent and a child without their blood ties, the bond involves the heart, not the DNA.


He tells that he is Ruhi’s foster father. Akshara decides to visit Goenkas for Dadi and Abhir’s sake. She doesn’t want to upset Abhir. Abhinav supports her decision. Dadi informs the family that Akshara is coming home after six years. The Goenkas get happy and plan to celebrate her return. On the other hand, the Birlas are happy when Ruhi discloses the big news in the form of a butterfly card. She tells that Abhimanyu and Aarohi are getting married, they both have given the nod for their relationship. Manjiri is really overjoyed to know this. They want them to marry soon. Ruhi is excited that Abhimanyu will become her dad.


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