Junooniyatt 16th February 2023 Update Ilahi’s dreams caged

Junooniyatt 16th February 2023 Update Ilahi's dreams caged

Junooniyatt 16th February 2023 Update Ilahi’s dreams caged Ilahi will berate her mother for listening to Biji’s advice not to enroll in college. It’s a big struggle for Ilahi. She doesn’t know how will she triumph in the competition. Jordan will perform a song in front of the audience. He will be ordered by Mehta not to look at him till the event is over. Jordan will assure him that he doesn’t mind if others don’t share his enthusiasm. He’ll be committed to realizing his dream. What will occur after that? When are Ilahi, Jordan, and Jahaan going to meet at the competition? Will they be successful in accomplishing their singing passing and goals for their families? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ilahi and Lucky intended to bring their family to the Gurudwara. That time can be used by Ilahi to perfect her music. Lucky requested a ride to the Gurudwara from Biji. She consented to go to the Gurudwara. Jahaan planned a surprise celebration for his parent’s wedding anniversary. Relatives get insulting Dolly and Baljeet. Dolly overheard what they were saying.


They were prompted to call the plumber by Pooja. Baljeet was ordered to do it by Mami. Dolly stopped Jahaan when he attempted to stop the man. Dolly tidied up the smear. As he watched his parents struggle, he felt horrible. Ilapracticedsed later at home. Jordan was threatened by Inspector inside the police station. Her son was released from the police station by Mahi Mehta. Baljeet was persuaded by Dolly to let Jahaan take part in the competition. He later gave him his consent. He felt bad because he wasn’t able to get him a ticket. When Biji got home, Ilahi was singing.

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