Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir’s new boss 16th February 2023

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir's new boss 16th February 2023

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir’s new boss 16th February 2023 Ranbir thinks about Prachi constantly and misses her. Ranbir questions what is taking place for him. His ears are shut. When Aryan arrives, he questions Ranbir about what transpired. Ranbir claims that Prachi is present everywhere. You love her, adds Aryan, which is why this is happening.  Prachi, according to Ranbir, is still alive. When I challenged her about why she hadn’t returned after I’d saved her, she claimed that I had made her accountable for Panchi’s death. If he met her, Aryan inquires. I don’t know; she vanished quickly, replies Ranbir. Aryan says I once spoke with a doctor acquaintance who said that since Prachi can’t be living, it might only be in your head.

Ranbir seemed perplexed. There, Pallavi shows up. She observes Ranbir’s negative mood. She requests that he explain what happened. Ranbir embraces her. She doesn’t trust him when he tells her everything is OK, so she asks him to explain what’s bothering him. Ranbir tells her he is scared and worries he won’t see them again. Pallavi claims that because of my love for you, it won’t happen. They both get hugs from Ranbir. In front of her, Pallavi commands him to sip turmeric milk. Ranbir consumes it. Aryan and Pallavi depart. Ranbir questions how everything appears real if it’s all in his head.


In the upcoming episode, To discuss tasks linked to construction, Kaya will ask Ranbir to accompany her, or else offer your resignation till the end of the day. I don’t work for your company, says Ranbir. Kaya claims that I have acquired the business you are employed by. Khushi is informed by Prachi that she will choose a dress for her. Khushi asserts that since you compared yourself to my mother, you must concur with me. Keep reading for more news and insights on your favorite show.


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