Ghum Hai Kisikey 16th February 2023 Written Update Sai moves on

Ghum Hai Kisikey 16th February 2023 Written Update Sai moves on

Ghum Hai Kisikey 16th February 2023 Written Update Sai moves on Sai is told by Savi not to worry and that Vinu will set up shortly. Sai is brought outside, and she is shown the nameplate. It’s good, but Sai questions how you hung it. Don’t worry, adds Savi; dad put it there, and Vinayak might stop by at any time. Sai considers how Virat will remove whatever misunderstandings Vinayak may have about her from his mind.

Vinayak requests a pledge from Virat. Virat assures him. Vinayak gives him a heartfelt hug and thanks him. Pakhi hugs you too. Virat prepares for his task later. He answers Sai’s phone call. Why did he call her, Sai queries? Virat replies that he didn’t and asks if she wants to share anything with him. Sai replies “no” and inquires if he wants to share something with her.


He ends the call. Back hugging Virat, Pakhi expresses gratitude. What does Virat ask for? Pakhi thanks Vinayak for keeping his commitment. She claims that she is pleased by his pledge. She requests that they go to Mumbai so that everyone can live in harmony. Virat claims that although I pledged to reassure Vinayak, I will not accept the promotion. Pakhi is astonished and inquires as to why he is declining the excellent offer. Vinayak should grow up in the family, according to Virat, who claims he cannot leave the entire family behind. It’s bad for Sai too, according to Pakhi.

Virat claims that Sai would decide on her behalf, but I did, and the decision is now final. He departs. Vinayak sends a message saying he wouldn’t come here, so Savi wonders why he is upset with you. Don’t worry; you and Virat can manage him because your father is refusing the promotion. Sai considers his reasons for rejecting the promotion. Sai gets a call from the hospital reporting an emergency. She hastily departs. Usha is informed about the saree sale when several women return home. Usha joins them as they travel to buy Sai a saree.

Sai’s home is visited by Bhavani. Savi addresses her by name. She can call her grandmother just like Vinayak did, according to Bhavani. Savi claims that you changed. If she won’t invite her inside, Bhavani asks. There is nobody there, according to Savi. According to Bhavani, she came to see her. Then they enter. Savi is reminded, and Bhavani explains to her. Great, says Savi. Savi is informed by Bhavani that she came to discuss a secret with her. What secret, inquires Savi.

Bhavani claims that this is a secret that Vinayak was unaware of, and since you must know it, you must swear to keep it a secret from others. Even though I’ve come to the Chavans’ home, Sai assures Virat, I’ll go as soon as my goal is achieved and nothing can stop me. She queries whether he accepts. Virat consents to it. Sai claims that I can visit Vinu whenever I want, take him wherever I want, and cuddle with him whenever I want. I agree, says Virat.

According to Sai, I’m beginning a new family and everything will proceed as I hope. Virat asserts that he complies with all of her expectations. It’s a commitment from him, he claims. Sai claims that you should avoid making rash commitments because you will come to regret them if I discover someone else. After saying, “I accept,” Virat realizes what she had said.

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