YRKKH 16th February 2023 Written Update Akshara returns

YRKKH 16th February 2023 Written Update Akshara returns

YRKKH 16th February 2023 Written Update Akshara returns Aarohi is informed by Abhimanyu that Ruhi is his responsibility. Ruhi needs a father, and he is prepared to fill that role, he continues. Aarohi requests a commitment from Abhimanyu that once he becomes Ruhi’s father, he will never again become her uncle. A pledge is made by Abhimanyu. He claims that he chose to have Ruhi as his child and that he will always keep his word.

Aarohi and Abhimandecideion to wed. Akshara is hurt. She considers the cause of her unexpected agony. Abhir is excited to visit Udaipur. Abhimanyu, Aarohi, and Ruhi all offer prayers to God. Abhir demanded to go on the flight with Akshara. He requests that Abhinav grant his wish. Choosing to purchase a ticket, Abhinav. Abhinav is informed by Akshara that it is not necessary to always comply with Abhir’s demands. Since it was Abhir’s request, according to Abhinav, he consented to schedule a flight to Udaipur.


Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s impending wedding is revealed to the Birlas. Ruhi feels joy. Manjiri becomes lively. Nishta and Shefali prepare to make the arrangements. Mahima warns Manjiri that a new link is about to form, and if anything goes wrong as a result, everything would be destroyed. Manjiri predicts that nothing will occur. Aarohi and Abhimanyu plan to inform the Goenkas of their choice after Suhasini’s birthday.

Akshara receives a call from Kairav asking her not to come back. He tells her that she has always told Manish about her happiness which stayed intact while she lived away from them. He asks her why is she coming now if her happiness has fallen short or does she want to snatch their happiness. He clears to her that he doesn’t need her anymore. He asks her to never come back home. Akshara gets dejected, but Abhinav and Abhir encourage her on the trip, as she has already promised Goenkas. Akshara departs for Udaipur. Manjiri is concerned that after Akshara’s return, nothing will be the same as it was.

Kairav’s words hurt Akshara. Birlas learn that Akshara has come back. Abhimanyu tells that if Akshara didn’t come till now, then why did she come now? Akshara tells that she has come back because she had to come. Akshara unites with the Goenkas. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri not to stress about Suhasini’s birthday. She asks him did he lose his mind, and does he think that things will be the same when Akshara has come back home.

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