Imlie Written Update 16th February 2023 Imlie Atharv’s romance

Imlie Written Update 16th February 2023 Imlie Atharv's romance

Imlie Written Update 16th February 2023 Imlie Atharv’s romance When Atharv and Imlie are in the balloon, Rathods and Ranas observe them and think they are having fun. Kia considers why they don’t separate for a brief period. Imlie and Atharv experience discomfort when discussing love on Valentine’s Day. Imlie reads a love poem, and Atharv adds two or three lines from his point of view. If she has ever observed Valentine’s Day, he inquires. She responds, “I’ve never done that.” However, we can also show love to our loved ones and families. She claims she is not sufficiently modern to recognize all of this.

Atharv doesn’t say anything similar. She is incapable of doing anything evil. Imlie claims that she has seen movies where a hero presents a rose to his love interest. She is uneasy as Atharv presents her with a rose. He claims to be giving her a rose as a friend. Valentine’s Day can be observed by friends as well. She considers why she believes Atharv will someday transform their friendship into love. She will never be more to him than a buddy. He is finding excuses to get closer to Imlie because he believes he doesn’t want to let go of her hand.


Through a telescope, Rathods and Rana can see that Atharv is proposing Imlie. They think that Atharv and Imlie have forgotten all their issues after going up in the air, they have made a new start. They get happy seeing the couple happy. Chini believes she is trying to kill herself to get away from them, but Atharv and Imlie are actually having a romantic relationship. She becomes upset.

I friend you to Imlie, Atharv says to her and waits for her response. She agrees to be his friend. She argues that he should remember that they are still in danger. He claims Imlie’s mother was a powerful woman, so why is Imlie’s daughter afraid to be her daughter? She accepts the rose and smiles as she looks about at the lovely clouds. She claims she doesn’t need anything more, and he promises to grant all of her wishes.

She agrees to dance with Atharv, and they have a dance to a romantic song. The balloon suddenly starts to collapse, releasing gas. Atharv worries that the balloon could deflate. She requests him. When she is around them, Chini becomes envious. Imlie loses her partial memory in the coming track. She goes back in time to her wedding day. She just remembers her marriage with Atharv, causing a big problem for Chini.

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