Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2023 Written Update Samrat kidnapped

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2023 Written Update Samrat kidnapped

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2023 Written Update Samrat kidnapped Prem is thankful to Chintu for helping Nayantara. Chintu admits that it was his idea. Nayantara claims she does not know of it. Revati tells her to cease acting in plays and then picks up Samrat. She reveals to Samrat that Nayantara carried out her scheme with the help of Chintu and Prem. Samrat warns her that he will make her life unpleasant and that Nayantara cannot live in luxury. Malati was informed by Nayantara that there was no divorce. Malati reprimands Chintu. Chintu is informed by Nayantara that he erred. Prem explains to Nayantara what Chintu did for him and begs her not to correct Chintu. He claims that he desired to live as happily as possible with his parents. Prem and Nayantara arrive at the Khurana residence. Nayantara is greeted by Samrat. Her ceremony of graha pravesh is performed.

When she gets what she desired, why doesn’t she appear joyful, he wonders. He leads them to an old room, claiming to have a guest room ready for them. Nayantara questions how he can assume they will reside there. She is informed by him that she cannot remain the owner¬†of this home. She explains to him that while she can adapt there, Prem can’t because he is a child. He informs her that Prem is an adult. Before leaving, he requests that she take care of Prem. Prem and Nayantara have trouble falling asleep. Samrat is informed by Revati that they deserved it and that he shouldn’t feel sorry for them.


Samrat promises her that he won’t be a fool once again before departing. Prem sobs and blames himself for their situation. He is comforted by Nayantara. Samrat awakens and is horrified to see himself bound to a chair. He yells as he sees Prem and Nayantara dozing off on the bed. Nayantara tells him that this is her payback. She remembers tying Samrat up with a chair. Nayantara is informed by Samrat that Revati won’t spare her. Through Samrat’s phone, Nayantara messages Revati while deceiving her. Samrat is informed by her that she abducted him in his bedroom. She deliberately irritates Samrat.

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