Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update Prachi and Ranbir like the same dress for Khushi. Khushi tries the dress and likes it. Prachi compliments her. Khushi says that even her Shiv, that’s Ranbir, has selected the same dress. Prachi hides from Ranbir in the mall. She asks Khushi to take the dress. She wants to get happiness by doing something for Khushi. She asks Khushi if doesn’t she want her to get happy. Khushi tells that Prachi already got happiness, that’s her. Prachi smiles happily.

Earlier in the show, Prachi likes a dress for Khushi. The manager tells that Ranbir has already bought it, and she can go and speak to Ranbir about the dress. Prachi goes to meet Ranbir. She doesn’t see him. Ranbir gets to see Gautami and follows her. He doesn’t know about Gautami’s lie. Prachi spots Ranbir. She hides Gautami from Ranbir. She apologizes to her. Gautami asks why she is hiding from Ranbir. Prachi tells that Ranbir is her husband, but they are separated now, and she doesn’t want him to know about her. She denies her love. Gautami says that she can see her love for her husband. She prays that Prachi gets someone who soothes her heart.


Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update:

Ranbir asks the manager if he has seen Khushi. The manager tells Khushi’s mumma was finding her, she also wanted the same dress. Ranbir asks him to give the dress to her mumma, it’s a gift from his side. Kaya calls him and asks him to come out of the mall. Ranbir rushes out. The manager informs Prachi that Ranbir gave the dress to Khushi. Prachi wants to thank the person. She goes to look after Ranbir. She sees someone else wearing a pink shirt and thanks him. Ranbir forgets his shopping bags. He comes back to the mall. Prachi and Ranbir have a hit-and-miss once again.

Prachi goes to Khushi and asks her to try to dress. She praises that her choice is really good. She asks Khushi to try the dresses. Khushi tells that she doesn’t need many dresses. Prachi asks her to just listen to her, and wear the dresses once. She gets Priya’s call. She apologizes that she can’t come to the office. Priya informs that her house is decided. Prachi regrets that she couldn’t come to the meeting. Priya says that Ashok will handle the meeting. She asks Prachi to go and check the house. She is sure that Prachi will like it. Prachi asks Khushi if she wants something.

Khushi tells that she doesn’t want any help. The manager asks Ranbir why did he come back, the lady took the dress. Ranbir cleared that he had come back to buy the sarees. The manager tells that Khushi’s mumma got happy and wanted to thank him. Ranbir takes the shopping bag. He learns that Khushi is alone. He rushes to see her. Kaya gets scared sensing someone around. She hides inside the car. Prachi compliments Khushi. Khushi tells that even Shiv selected the same dress. Prachi tells that she has to take the dress, even if it’s costly. She insists Khushi accept the gift. She asks Khushi to let her get happy. Khushi tells that she is her happiness. She makes Prachi smile.

Prachi cries recollecting her daughter Panchi. Ranbir doesn’t see Prachi. He asks the salesgirl about Khushi. Prachi comes out of the changing room. Ranbir goes from there. Prachi selects more dresses for Khushi. Khushi tells that she is tired now, she is feeling hungry. She takes Khushi with her. Ranbir reaches the car. He finds Kaya upset. She asks him why did he get so late. He tells them that he is just two minutes late, she can’t scold him, he isn’t her driver. She rebukes him.

She asks him to drop her to office. He hits a car by mistake. He feels sorry. He makes a leave. Prachi and Khushi come outside the mall. Prachi sees her car damaged and sees the person/Ranbir racing the car away. She notes down the number and shouts that she will complain to get compensation. She takes Khushi in her car. Prachi and Khushi come home and get a warm welcome from Dadi.

Prachi is delighted to meet Dadi and Sahana. Khushi smiles seeing the family bonding. Sahana tells that they missed her a lot. They meet Khushi. Prachi introduces her new friend Khushi, who spreads happiness in everyone’s lives. She tells them about Khushi’s work. Khushi praises Prachi who loves her a lot. She appears positive to them. Dadi and Sahana tell that they get really happy when they see Prachi smiling. Khushi asks Prachi to make some food for her.

She calls her mumma. Prachi gets peace hearing her sweet words. Sahana tells that Khushi is bossing around. Khushi tells that its her wish. She reveals that her mum scolds her a lot. Khushi and Sahana check the new clothes. Dadi wishes Prachi always stays happy. Prachi gets busy in making amazing food for Khushi. Ranbir asks Kaya is she okay. Kaya tells that its not his job to ask personal things. He asks her why does she complicate things. Kaya gets followed by a mysterious person. She gets scared realizing this. Ranbir wonders why is she feeling so scared.

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