Pandya Store Exclusive Spoilers Shweta returns

Pandya Store Exclusive Spoilers Shweta returns

Pandya Store Exclusive Spoilers Shweta returns Dhara drives the auto-rickshaw herself at high speed and reaches the truck to stop it. Dhara scolds the truck driver for not listening to her when she shouted to stop the truck. Gautam and Dhara hug the children and ask them if they are okay. Gautam scolds them for their mischief. Dhara tells that Suman will handle them now. She asks them why did they get on the truck when she asked them to stay outside the hotel. The children aren’t at fault. It was Natasha who troubled them and threw their marbles inside the truck. Because of Natasha, they had to get on the truck and get the marbles. The children get scared of Suman’s scolding.

They take the children home. On the other side, Shweta arrives home to shock the family. She tells them that she got a huge surprise for them. She gifts herself to the family and reveals that she didn’t get a divorce from Krish till now. She adds that she is still a part of the Pandya family, she is still their bahu. She tells Suman that she will not divorce Krish now that he has turned super-rich. Shweta re-enters Pandya’s house with an evil plan. She tells that she doesn’t want 50 lakhs, but Krish. Rishita asks her not to act smart and leave, or else they will call the cops. Shweta asks them to call the cops if they want. She adds that she will tell the entire truth to Natasha before she leaves. She brings Natasha aka Chutki home. Rishita and the entire family are happy that Natasha is their Chutki.


Rishita gets heartbroken when Chutki refuses to accept her as her mom. Shweta tells that her marriage is intact, so she will stay with the Pandyas from now. She returns to Krish’s life and ousts his true love, Prerna. Rishita isn’t concerned for Krish and Prerna. She just wants to focus on her daughter Chutki, who regards Shweta as her mom. Shweta apologizes to Suman for her mistakes. She tries to get into her good books. Suman and Dhara ask Shweta to leave their house. Shweta refuses to move an inch. She asks Dhara to call Krish home. She wants to shock Krish by showing the unsigned divorce papers. She says that she will not leave her family for the sake of money.


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