Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update Special Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update Special Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update Special Khushi Dadi tells Prachi that she should try to do something that ends the sorrow of losing Panchi. Prachi asks how this is possible. Dadi asks her to adopt a child. Dadi tells that adoption can heal Prachi’s wounds. Khushi meets the Kohlis when Ranbir gets her home. Khushi scolds Dida and asks her to take the medicines. She says that she knows who loves her and who doesn’t. She sweetly talks to Kohlis and leaves them impressed. Ranbir tells that Khushi is really special and she can make anyone happy. Khushi makes Pallavi and Dida smile. Aryan too likes her. They ask Ranbir to keep bringing Khushi home.

Ranbir is all smiling when he sees Khushi bringing happiness to his family. Ranbir too gets an idea of adoption. Prachi and Ranbir adopt Khushi, who reminds them of their daughter Panchi. Will Khushi become a reason for their meeting? What role does Kaya play in Ranbir’s life? How will Kaya become the next Rhea for Ranbir? Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update Special Khushi:

Kaya tries to relax her mind. She says that there is no one around. She leaves in a cab. Sahana asks Dadi why didn’t she sleep. Dadi tells that she isn’t getting any sleep. Sahana tells that it’s exciting because they have to set up a new house. Dadi asks her to inform her when Prachi comes home. Sahana tells that Prachi has come a long time back. Dadi goes to talk to Prachi.

Prachi asks Dadi if is she okay. Dadi tells that she is okay, but a little tired. Prachi thanked her for coming home. She tells that she missed her a lot. Dadi tells that she got happy when she saw Prachi happy with Khushi. Prachi tells that Khushi is cheerful, she always makes everyone smile. She adds that Khushi is adorable. She tells the incident when Khushi cheered her up. She calls Khushi Panchi. She gets emotional. Dadi knows that Prachi is missing Panchi.

Prachi tells that she has much pain in her heart that she lost Panchi and everything. She had kept her occupied with work just to control her thoughts. She tells how she met Khushi and achieved real happiness. She feels motherly emotions for Khushi. Dadi advises her to adopt a child, just a daughter can fill Panchi’s place, and Prachi’s life will be complete. Prachi tells that she has a lot of things, she is doing good in her career, and she doesn’t need anyone. Dadi tells that it’s not called a good living when a person deals with sorrow always. She asks Prachi to listen to her.

She advises her to make Khushi her Panchi. Prachi remembers Khushi and cries. Dadi has seen Prachi’s love for Khushi. Prachi tells that Khushi already has a mother. Dadi asks her to consider her advice, and her life’s emptiness and loneliness will end. Prachi closes their eyes and thinks of Khushi. Laali likes the costly and pretty clothes Prachi had bought for Khushi. Khushi tells that she didn’t want to get costly clothes. Laali rebukes her. She asks Khushi why didn’t she ask Prachi to buy clothes for her mom. Khushi doesn’t like to beg. Laali gets angry with her. Khushi falls. She misses Prachi.

Prachi gets missing her too. She worries for Prachi. Laali asks Khushi to sleep and wake up early to sell the flowers. The next day, Khushi sells the flowers. She speaks to a lady there. Pallavi and Dida visit a temple. Dida gets dizzy and collapses. Khushi finds Dida in trouble and runs to save her from a car accident. Pallavi rushes to Dida. Khushi asks Pallavi to call the doctor. She takes care of Dida. The lady tells that Khushi leaves the flower shop and runs to help strangers.

At Kohli’s house, Aryan complains about Damini. He tells that he doesn’t want to marry her. Ranbir asks Aryan why what’s the reason. Aryan tells that he doesn’t have any feelings for Damini. Ranbir knows that Aryan feels or Sahana. He asks her not to lie to him. He tells that Aryan can be honest in front of him. Pallavi and Khushi bring Dida home. Ranbir is surprised to meet Khushi. He asks Dida if is she okay. Pallavi asks Ranbir to take Dida to the room. They wait for the doctor. Khushi tells Dida that she is with her. She encourages Dadi to have strong will power. Ranbir smiles at her.

Doctor arrives and apologizes for getting late. Pallavi asks him to treat Dida, she is experiencing chest pain and dizziness. Dida feels relaxed when Khushi holds her hand. Doctor tells that it’s a case of mild acidity. She asks him to confirm it. Khushi asks Dida to believe the doctor. The doctor asks who is she. Khushi says that she has come for the first time. Pallavi tells that Khushi has helped her in bringing Dida home. Ranbir introduces Khushi.

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