Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert The Karan Luthra is back

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert The Karan Luthra is back

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert The Karan Luthra is back 20th February 2023 Kundali Bhagya News Anjali catches Preeta at the knifepoint and compels Arjun to accept her love. She tells Arjun that she accepts Preeta is innocent, Preeta didn’t try to kill him, but he shouldn’t be with Preeta. She hurts Preeta, which makes Karan fume in anger. Karan angrily slaps Arjun. Anjali tells that Preeta played with Karan’s emotions. Karan asks her not to dare hurt Preeta again. Preeta catches Anjali’s hand and drags her outside. Anjali asks Arjun to stop Preeta. Preeta shuts the door after making Anjali out.

Anjali reaches her home. She drinks to get over the sorrow. She doesn’t succeed in calming her mind. She tells that she isn’t forgetting Arjun. She wonders why her stress isn’t getting down. She drinks a lot. She tells that Arjun can’t sleep in peace after rejecting her love. She gets revengeful. She tells that she will not cry like a weak person, she will make sure that she ruins his peace. Luthras start a new day with Karan. Their day is filled with happiness.


Karan gets back into his old funky avatar and becomes the Karan Luthra again. He is seen spending good moments with Preeta and their family. Preeta feeds Karan his favorite sweet dish. Anjali enters the Luthra house to trouble the family. Karan asks her what is she doing in his house. She asks if he is serious to ask this. She taunts Arjun for forgetting her so soon. She asks how can he throw her out of his life so easily. Preeta and Rishabh stop Anjali from manipulating Karan. Anjali doesn’t give her motives. How will Anjali target Arjun aka Karan, when the entire Luthras are with him now? Keep reading for more spoilers on Kundali Bhagya.


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