Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update Good news

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update Good news

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update Good news Khushi cheers up Dida. The Kohlis like her a lot. Ranbir drops Khushi home. Laali scolds Khushi for leaving the flower stall unattended and getting a significant loss of her. Khushi gets scared of Laali’s wrath. He gives the money to Laali. He says that he is compensating for the loss. He asks Laali not to scold Khushi. He requests her politely. Laali says it looks like he is Khushi’s dad, and Khushi is his daughter. She thinks of the way he is defending Khushi. Prachi tells Dadi and Sahana that she would like to adopt Khushi.

Sahana tells that Khushi already has her mother. Dadi says that Laali isn’t Khushi’s biological mother. She tells Prachi that there is hope that they can get Khushi from Laali. She asks Prachi to speak to Laali and offer her money to see if Laali agrees to Khushi’s adoption. Prachi gets new hope. Ranbir feels attached to Khushi, just like Prachi. They both want to adopt Khushi. Who will get Khushi in their lives? Keep reading.


Doctor tells that Khushi is sensible. He asks Dida to remember that she didn’t suffer a heart attack, she has acidity, and she can have anything, but not oily food. The family doesn’t want Dida to have junk food. Dida tells that she wants to have her favorite things. Pallavi doesn’t want her to skip her healthy meals. The doctor gives the prescription and leaves. Pallavi tells that she will get soup for Dida. Khushi assures that she will take care of Dida. Dida laughs. Pallavi likes Khushi.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update Good news:

Ranbir asks Pallavi why is she smiling. Pallavi tells that she is happy on meeting Khushi. He tells that Khushi is unique. Pallavi tells that she is being positive, she likes to see everyone, and they are looking genuinely happy from within, so she is getting good vibes. Ranbir and Aryan don’t understand what she means. She tells that she feels Khushi has brought happiness to their house. Ranbir tells that Khushi is so joyful and caring. Pallavi tells him that Khushi was calm and perfect, and also sweet. Ranbir likes her too.

Pallavi asks him how he know her. He calls it fate. He tells that he was upset one day, Khushi came at the signal and gave him a rose, he really liked it, and then he started meeting her coincidentally. He feels happy because of her. Khushi tells Dida that Laali sells flowers, and she helps her mum. She asks Dida how long will she pretend ill. Dida tells that she isn’t acting. Khushi tells that she also does such acting. Dida learns that Pallavi is making soup for her. She tells Khushi that she will sit and play if she isn’t okay. She asks Khushi if she knows playing carom. Khushi tells that she is a champion in carom.

Pallavi asks Dida why did she come out. Dida tells that Khushi got her outside. Pallavi asks her to have soup. Khushi tells that Dida got her. Dida refuses to have the soup. Pallavi tells that Dida can’t eat spicy food. Dida tells that Pallavi is her bahu, and not try to become her Saas. Khushi finds her scolding fake and cute. Aryan tells Dida that Khushi will shut her drama company. Dida tells that she won’t drink the soup. Khushi scolds her and feeds her the soup. She tells that she knows who will listen to her and who won’t, because she knows who loves her. She asks Dida to listen to her if she loves her.

Dida drinks the soup when Khushi feeds it. Ranbir and Pallavi thank Khushi. Dida tells Pallavi that Khushi’s mum sells flowers. Pallavi tells that Ranbir told her about it. Khushi tells that she will bring a special flower for her. She remembers Prachi and turns happy. Dida asks her what is she thinking. Khushi tells that she is missing someone. Pallavi asks is she missing her mum. Khushi says no. She worries thinking of Laali’s reaction. She borrows their phone and calls Laali. Ranbir tells that Khushi is Dida’s Dadi. Dadi tells that she is missing Panchi.

Ranbir tells that he also misses Panchi when he sees Khushi. Dida tells that they will adopt Khushi, who will fill the emptiness in their lives. Ranbir is stunned. He tells that Khushi also has a mother, he can’t adopt her. Prachi also remembers Khushi. She feels Khushi will take Panchi’s place in her life. Pallavi asks Ranbir why can’t he adopt Khushi. Ranbir tells that Laali won’t give Khushi to them. Dida tells that Laali can give Khushi to them, because Laali doesn’t care for her, Laali might accept the money and agree for the adoption, she is a good mother. Ranbir realizes that Laali is greedy. The family thinks that they should convince Ranbir for adopting Khushi.

Pallavi realizes that Ranbir is seeing Panchi in Khushi. She wants happiness to return in their family. She finds Khushi crying. She asks what’s the matter. Khushi tells that Laali is really angry. Pallavi tells that she will come and explain Laali. Khushi wants Ranbir to drop her home. She calls him Shiv. Pallavi tells that he is really like Shiv, who has hidden a lot of things in him. Prachi meets Dadi and Sahana. Dadi asks Prachi to think about adoption. Prachi tells that she thought of adopting Khushi, but maybe her mum won’t agree. Dadi tells that Khushi’s mum will agree, because she doesn’t love Khushi. Prachi wants to bring Khushi in their lives and house. Sahana is happy that Prachi will become a mother.


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