Kundali Bhagya Track change spoiler Anjali accuses Karan

Kundali Bhagya Track change spoiler Anjali accuses Karan

Kundali Bhagya Track change spoiler Anjali accuses Karan Preeta is married Karan once again. Karan accepts his mistake of hurting the family. He apologizes to the family. He is grateful to them that they have forgiven him for all the wrongs he did. Anjali loses her mind when she gets defeated by Preeta. She rages and tells that she will ruin Arjun in two days. She adds that she will ruin Arjun and make him fall in the sight of Luthras on the first day, and then she will destroy him in the business completely. Karan is happy to have breakfast with his family after so many years. Rakhi and Mahesh ask Preeta to feed Karan with her hands. Preeta feeds the sweet dish to Karan.

Karan feels lucky to get Preeta’s love. Rishabh appears happy seeing them. He wishes them to stay happy. He has always loved Karan as his child. He tells that he just wants their happiness. Kavya loves Rishabh and tells that she has always liked Arjun. She is happy to know that Arjun is her real dad Karan. The family is happy to spend time with Karan. They discuss Kavya’s plans for her parents. On the other side, Anjali prepares to shock Arjun. She makes a big revelation about Arjun’s past.


She conspires to separate Arjun and Preeta. She meets Prithvi and asks him to assist her in the revenge plan. Prithvi and Sherlyn agree to exact scores with the Luthras. Prithvi says he hates Karan and can do anything to trouble him. Anjali makes a well-sketched plan and reaches Luthra’s house. She accuses Arjun falsely and gains his fury. Karan says that he never thought that his best friend could get against him and try to destroy him. Preeta defends Karan and calls Anjali’s allegations false.


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