Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update Adoption track

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update Adoption track

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update Adoption track Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Upcoming Episode Preview Update Prachi tells Dadi that if Laali isn’t Khushi’s mum in reality, and if Laali is keeping Khushi just to employ her in earning, then they will offer money to Laali and begin the legal adoption process. She gets hopeful to adopt Khushi. She wishes that Khushi takes Panchi’s place in her life. Prachi tells that she will give money to Laali. She doesn’t want any problems in the process. Dadi tells that if Laali agrees, then Khushi will be with them.

She is excited to see Prachi living with Khushi. She tells that Khushi will live as Prachi’s daughter. Prachi gets pleased to hear this. Ranbir meets Laali and offers her money. He requests her not to scold Khushi. Laali accepts the money. Ranbir realizes that she is greedy for money. He tells that the money is to compensate for the loss. Laali taunts that he is behaving like Khushi is his daughter. Ranbir gets speechless and thinks of his daughter Panchi.


Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Update Adoption track:

Prachi tells Sahana that she will adopt Khushi. Sahana happily hugs her. She is excited that Prachi will become a mother. She wonders if Laali will allow them to accept Khushi. Dadi realizes that Laali isn’t Khushi’s real mother, Khushi doesn’t even have her father, and Laali is keeping Khushi as a servant just to earn money. She feels Khushi is an orphan or Laali has kidnapped her from somewhere. She doesn’t have proof, but she tells this from her experience. She tells that Laali’s lover is not her husband, he isn’t Khushi’s dad. She asks Prachi to believe her. Prachi tells that she will offer some money to Laali and convince her, and then she will have a legal adoption. Sahana tells that Laali will accept the money.

Dadi tells that Khushi will stay with Prachi and fill Panchi’s place. Sahana tells that Khushi will get a better life and future with Prachi. Dadi tells that Khushi will get their mother’s love from Prachi. Prachi happily hugs them and leaves for the office. Dadi tells that Sahana should get married. Sahana tells that she will never get married. Ranbir speaks to his boss. He tells that his Dida was unwell, so he couldn’t send the mail. Pallavi meets Ranbir.

She finds him dealing with life’s problems all alone. She hugs him and gets sad. She tells him about Khushi. He asks her if is Khushi okay. She tells that Khushi is okay, when Khushi hugged her, she felt like it was her Panchi, that Panchi came back. She wants Khushi in their family. She asks him to bring Khushi home. He tells that Khushi already has a mother.

He can’t go to Laali and tell that he wants to adopt Khushi because he sees his daughter in Khushi. Pallavi doesn’t think Laali is Khushi’s real mother, because Khushi is scared of Laali, Laali doesn’t love Khushi. Ranbir remembers Laali’s behavior towards Khushi. He tells that many mothers scold and beat their children. Pallavi tells that a mother doesn’t scare kids, but Khushi is scared of going to her home. She asks him if he wants to adopt Khushi or not. Ranbir tells that she is exaggerating it. She questions him. He tells that he wants Khushi to stay with him, but he can’t ask Laali to give away Khushi to them.

Pallavi tells that no parent wants to use the kid as their means of living. She feels Laali is just using Khushi. She asks Ranbir to speak to Laali about adoption, and she will agree for the sake of money. He asks how can they buy Khushi with money. She tells that she is saying this because she has seen fear and sorrow in Khushi’s eyes. She knows the difference between motherly love and selfishness. She tells that she sees Panchi in Khushi, they need Panchi in their lives, and Khushi will complete Ranbir’s life as his daughter. She asks him to think of giving happiness to his daughter.

She advises him not to lose Khushi. Ranbir agrees with her. He tells that he will speak to Laali and bring their Panchi home. He grows emotional. He sheds tears. Pallavi asks him to just go and console Khushi. She tells that Khushi said she will go with her Shiv. He tells them that Khushi will come back with her Shiv because they need her a lot. He also sees Panchi in Khushi. She asks him to go and get his Panchi. He rushes to Khushi.

Meanwhile, Prachi thanks Ashok for finalizing the wonderful house for her. He asks her to mail the details after her meeting. She finds him upset that she missed the meeting. She calls him an arrogant boss. Ashok laughs knowing she is scolding him behind. He just pulls her leg. Ranbir brings Khushi to her house. She is scared of Laali. He tells them that he will accompany her, but she asks him not to come. Khushi goes to Laali. Laali yells at her and pulls her ear. Khushi screams in pain. Ranbir sees this and rushes to stop Laali. He asks Laali not to scold Khushi. He tells that Khushi was helping her.

He asks Laali how can she scold Khushi. Laali asks who is he to take Khushi with him. She tells that Juhi’s mother told her everything. She wants to know why did Khushi leave the stall and go away. She tells that they have to earn a living. She asks who will pay for the loss. Ranbir tells that he will pay for it. He gives her more money than she asks for. He requests her not to scold Khushi. She agrees with him. She keeps the money. He tells that Khushi is so special, she is clean-hearted, and Laali should be lucky that she got such a daughter. He sings Khushi’s praises. He tells that Khushi deserves happiness.

Laali tells that he is defending Khushi like she is his daughter. She threatens him that she will vent her anger on Khushi. Khushi requests Ranbir to leave. Laali takes Khushi with her. Ranbir feels sad seeing Khushi in such a mess. Khushi signs him to smile. Ranbir leaves from there. Prachi leaves from office. She forgets a document and asks the driver to take her back to the office. Ranbir wants to talk to Laali about adoption. Prachi reaches the office and finds Payal crying. She wonders what’s the matter. Laali asks Khushi to sell the flowers. She gets busy talking to her lover on phone.

Ranbir reaches there to meet Laali. She asks him what he wants now. He sees Khushi working. He tells that he wanted to talk to Laali. He feels that he has no right to talk on this matter, but he still wants to tell her. He tells that he will sponsor Khushi’s education. Laali asks him if is he saying the truth. She gets really glad that he is doing a big favor on them. Ranbir tells that he wants Khushi to study well and become a big personality. He thanks Laali for accepting the offer. Laali angrily tells that she was joking, but she doesn’t accept his offer. She rebukes him, much to his shock.

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