Anupama 23rd February 2023 Written Update Vanraj’s confession

Anupama 23rd February 2023 Written Update Vanraj's confession

Anupama 23rd February 2023 Written Update Vanraj’s confession Anupama performs in the Shah house, while everyone cheers for her. Maya performs for Anuj and Anu and imagines a happy family with them. She wishes to win Anuj’s heart. Anupama imagines Anuj with her. She misses him a lot. Kavya grows worried when Vanraj keeps his eyes stuck on Anupama. Anuj is also sharing the same feelings as Anupama. He misses Anupama. He imagines Anupama in Maya’s place. Anu takes him to dance with Maya, to which he is reluctant. Maya gets applauded for her wonderful dance. The Shahs applaud Anupama for her talent.

Paritosh is also thankful to Anupama to stay back for his sake. Anu wins the round, all thanks to Maya. She gets glad. Anuj just wants Anu’s happiness. He takes care of Anu. Maya asks Anuj about her dance performance. He tells that it was nice. She tells that he didn’t pay attention. She thanks him for bringing her along and making her experience everything. She tells that she loves her daughter as much as he loves Anu. She wants to request him. She tells him that her 15 days are ending, but she doesn’t want to get away from Anuj. She wants to stay back in his house for a month.


She tells that they will be hurt if Anu chooses one parent. She doesn’t want to experience the pain of separation. She tells that they shall make memories so that they have the support to live. Anuj can’t believe the shocking wish. She asks him to let Anu decide about her parent. Maya tells that she wants to test herself if she can give as much love as them to Anu. She feels she won’t win. She just wants to spend more time with her child. She tells that he shall consider her wish. She also tries to instigate Anuj against Anupama, when he permits her to stay back in his house with Anu. She thanks Anuj. She tells that she will get the deserved happiness and memories that will help her live well. She makes him feel Anupama’s absence.

She tells that Anupama has chosen her kids over Anu. Anuj tells that Anupama wanted to come, but he asked her to go to Shahs. He praises Anupama who is helpful, she is the best, she can’t refuse to help anyone, and she is different from the world. Maya tells that Shah’s house is Anupama’s Maayka. Anuj understands what the Shah family means to Anupama. He tells that he knows her priorities, but he also feels Anu needs her more at this time. Maya decides to win Anuj in a month-time. She wants to make her own happy family.

On the other hand, Anupama misses Anuj and Anu. She calls Anuj. Anuj forgets his phone in Anu’s tent. Maya gets to see the phone. She doesn’t answer and lets Anupama worry. Anupama calls Maya. Even Maya doesn’t answer her phone. Anupama grows worried that both of them aren’t answering her calls. She doesn’t want to think of anything else. Vanraj goes to spend time with Anupama. Kavya gets upset. Leela asks Kavya not to fight with Vanraj, or else he will go back to Anupama. She tells that Vanraj is sharing his sorrow with Anupama.

Kavya tells that it’s Vanraj’s habit to talk to someone else’s wife. Leela curses Kavya. Kavya feels unfortunate that Leela is her mum-in-law. Leela wishes that Anupama was still her Bahu. Vanraj thanks Anupama. He finds her engaged in her phone. He tells that she stayed back in the house and brought happiness. He is glad that his children and family were so joyful today. He wishes that the past comes back forever like it had come today for a short time. Anupama understands where the conversation is leading and puts a stop to it. She rebukes Vanraj.

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