Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Dirty blame

Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Dirty blame

Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Dirty blame Police arrives at Kohli’s house. Inspector tells that he has come to arrest Ranbir Kohli. Ranbir asks what is he saying. Inspector tells that there are charges against him. Ranbir asks what sort of charges. Inspector tells that it’s a serious offense of molestation. Ranbir is shocked to know that he is accused of molestation by his office colleague Payal. He denies the blame. Inspector tells that Payal has filed the complaint, and she has a witness too. Payal convinces Prachi to help her get her molester punished. Prachi believes her tears and accompanies her to Kohli’s house.

Inspector tells that Prachi Arora is the witness in this case. Ranbir can’t believe what name he just heard. Inspector calls Prachi there. Prachi and Ranbir are shocked to see each other because it’s the least expected way of their meeting. Prachi loses faith in Payal’s allegation because she knows Ranbir well. She has faith that Ranbir can never disrespect any girl. Ranbir realizes that Prachi wasn’t his imagination, but she does exist in the real world. How will Prachi help Ranbir in getting freed from the dirty allegation? Will she show her faith in him or walk out breaking his hopes? Keep reading.


Payal gets hit by Prachi’s car. Prachi is shocked to see Payal. She rushes to check if Payal is okay. She apologizes on her driver’s behalf. Prachi tells that she is okay, it’s her fault, she didn’t see and walked in the middle of the road. Prachi consoles her and asks her to have water. She asks Payal why is she crying, is she okay or not. She urges her to share the matter with her. Payal tells that her boss has fired her from the job, she doesn’t want charity, but the money from her hard work, but her boss removed her despite liking her work.

She tells that her boss asked her to work late at night, he attempted to molest her, and when she refused, he fired her. Prachi calls it wrong. She tells Payal that she will take her to the police station and file a complaint against that man, who can molest any girl. She tells that they are women, but they aren’t weak. She asks Payal to raise a voice against the wrong. She tells that she will come with her. Payal hugs her and gets grateful. Prachi tells that they have to become the strength of each other.

Prachi takes Payal to the police station. Payal gets scared and steps back. She tells Prachi that she might get framed, and her boss may prove her a liar. Prachi tells that everyone is equal and has an equal right to justice. She asks Payal not to tolerate the wrong. She assures that she will support her throughout. She tells the inspector that Payal works in the same commercial plaza. She tells that Payal got fired from the job, and her boss tried to molest her. Payal tells that she has told everything to Prachi. She tells him that her boss tried to molest her, but she managed to escape and left the office, then her boss fired her from the job.

Prachi tells that Payal is the sole earning member in her family, if she loses her job then her family will lose their only support. She wants society to respect women, who are coming ahead to work for the betterment of the entire society. She requests he files the complaint and punishes the wrongdoer. Inspector tells that the law is equal for all. He asks them to file the FIR. Prachi goes to attend a call. She asks Payal to give her boss’ details. Prachi signs on the FIR as a witness. She doesn’t see her boss’ name. Inspector tells that they will go and arrest the man right away. He asks Payal to come with them. Prachi tells that she will come along. Ranbir speaks to his boss about Kaya, who is unpredictable and irritating. He is shocked to see the police at his door. Payal brings Prachi to Kohli’s house. Prachi gets confused.

Payal goes inside the house. Prachi wonders if Kohlis has sold the house and if someone else stays there. She sees Kohli’s mansion board and goes inside to see. Inspector asks for Ranbir Kohli. Ranbir tells that he is Ranbir. Inspector asks him to come to the police station because he is charged with molestation. Ranbir is super shocked to know about the ugly molestation charges. He sees Payal at the door. He asks her what is she doing. Inspector asks does he know Payal, she has filed the complaint because of Prachi Arora’s support. Ranbir is shocked to see Prachi there.

Prachi is also shocked to know that Payal’s boss is Ranbir and he is blamed for molestation. Payal tells that everyone knows Prachi, and their office is in the same building. Ranbir asks her to be quiet for some time. He wants to talk to Prachi. He tells that he wasn’t imagining her. Prachi asks him how can he do this. He tells them that she is alive and he didn’t know it. She asks if the wrong would get right if he knew it. He asks her what wrong did he do. Prachi tells that he has given her many wounds, and she can’t tolerate them now. He asks her why did she hide her existence, she was there at the hotel.

Prachi refuses to talk to her. Inspector asks him to talk to the police. Ranbir doesn’t care for anything. He asks Prachi about the cheating. Prachi asks what would he do if she had told him. Inspector tells that if Prachi told him, then he would have got alert and fled from his house. Ranbir tells that he is talking about something else. He taunts her for fooling her. Inspector arrests Ranbir for wronging Payal’s life. Ranbir gets arrested. Prachi tells that she didn’t know he would change so much. Ranbir denies the blames. He asks Prachi to say something. Payal hugs Prachi and cries.

Prachi assures that everything will get okay. She sheds tears. Prachi sees the house and gets emotional. Ranbir wants to talk to Prachi once. He asks Payal to shut up. Prachi refuses to talk to Ranbir. Her saree cloth gets stuck at the gate. Ranbir asks her what is she doing. Prachi scolds him angrily. Inspector asks Prachi to accompany Payal. Payal tells that she didn’t know Ranbir is related to Prachi. Prachi doesn’t want to talk about anything.

Pallavi and Dida return home from the temple. Priya informs them that the police arrested Ranbir. She doesn’t know the reason. They get worried. They rush to the police station. Ranbir argues with the constable. He tells that he didn’t do any crime. Ranbir wants to call his family. Inspector asks him to make calls when his turn comes. Prachi sees Ranbir’s struggles and still stands neutral.

The show episode dated, Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2023 will air on Zee5. The written update will be published as soon as the episode is available.

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