Kundali Bhagya New entry spoiler Past mystery

Kundali Bhagya New entry spoiler Past mystery

Kundali Bhagya New entry spoiler Past mystery revived There is a big twist coming in the show. A new entry is going to happen in Karan’s birthday celebrations. Karan is seen enjoying with his family. Anjali takes an advantage of Karan’s goodness. She plans to humiliate Karan by targeting his Luthra family. She enters the Luthra mansion. She loves Karan and tells that he is her Arjun. She wants revenge on Karan and Preeta. She decides to ruin their happiness. She tells that Arjun is a big cheater, he had got engaged to her sister Nidhi and promised that he will return to London to marry Nidhi. She shows the legal documents. She tells that she will file a legal case against him.

She adds that she will see him in court. Karan doesn’t pay heed to her. He just wants his family to be happy. Karan’s past incident gets revisited. Karan just wants to have a normal life with Preeta and Kavya. A new entry happens. Natasha returns in their lives. Natasha was also mad for Karan. She wanted to marry him so that she could acquire the Luthra property. Karan’s past chapter opens up once again. Anjali will be joining hands with Arjun’s biggest enemy Natasha. Are you excited to see Natasha back? How will Karan and Preeta fight the evil enemies this time? Keep reading.


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