Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Surprise entry

Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Surprise entry

Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Surprise entry On the next morning of Preeta and Karan’s marriage, the couple spends some really happy moments. Karan can’t believe that his life has got set once again, his destiny is so blessed that he got Preeta back. He feels lucky that he has come back home and got his loving family back. Karan can’t ask for more. There is happiness everywhere in the Luthra house. They celebrate like Karan and Preeta are first-time newlyweds.

Rakhi conducts the post-marriage rituals. Karan plans to romance Preeta because his wedding night didn’t go as he had wished. He finds ways to romance Preeta. Anjali comes to Luthra’s house. She claps seeing Karan and Preeta romancing. She asks Karan how is he feeling about his family. She asks Preeta if is she happy thinking she got the entire property from Arjun. She tells that Karan isn’t Arjun, so he isn’t inherited to get any of the property that was in Arjun’s name. She adds that the transferred property to Preeta will be taken back and go to the rightful owner.


She discloses that the entire business and properties belong to one person and that’s not Arjun. She tells them that the rightful owner is her sister Nidhi Hinduja. She shocks Karan saying he has nothing left with him now, which means he isn’t rich as before. She tells that Karan has lost everything, which he had acquired as Arjun Suryavanshi. She attempts to ruin Luthras. Next in the track will be Nidhi’s entry. What twists will the Hinduja sisters bring into Karan and Preeta’s lives? Will Karan be able to get rid of obsessed Anjali, and super-obsessed Nidhi? Keep reading and check this post for the latest written update on your favorite show.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Surprise entry:

Mahesh asks the family where is Preeta. He waits for the sweet dish. Rishabh asks him not to trouble Preeta. Bani and Kareena joke that Rakhi will make Mahesh walk a lot and digest the sweets. Preeta gets the sweetdish. Kavya asks what did she make. Preeta tells that she has made Mahesh’s favorite halwa. Mahesh is eager to have it.

Sameer calls Karan Arjun and complains about Mahesh. Rishabh tells that Karan knows everything about Mahesh and Rakhi, he isn’t a guest. Rishabh tells that Arjun is their Karan. They all decide to call him Karan. Rakhi tells that Karan will always be their Karan. Karan tells that Preeta will decide his name. She jokes on him. The family laughs at Karan. Mahesh and Karan pull each other’s legs. Bani feels their happiness has returned, because of Karan. Anjali is shattered. She remembers Karan and Preeta’s cheating. She calls up Nidhi and asks her to come to Mumbai. She asks her to come to Mumbai as soon as possible. She tells about the big cheat. She informs that Arjun got married to Preeta.

She tells that they have to teach a lesson to Arjun. Nidhi is shocked to know this. Rakhi asks Kavya to tell Preeta to feed the halwa to her dad. Kavya insists Preeta feed the halwa to Karan. Preeta feeds the sweets to Karan. Kritika takes their pictures. Anjali walks in and breaks their happy moments. Rakhi and Karan ask Anjali why did she come back. Anjali asks Karan to have sweets from his wife’s hands because they will lose the sweetness from their lives soon, and they won’t be able to tolerate the bitterness. She tells that if she isn’t happy, then all of them can’t be happy. She adds that she has bad news to give them.

She tells that she is eager to tell them about the upcoming disaster. She adds that they will turn poor and get destroyed very soon. Preeta asks her to say it clearly, she can’t snatch their happiness. Anjali explains that they would need money to celebrate happiness, but very soon, they will lose all their money, and they will come on the roads. She explains how it will happen. She tells that Arjun took over the companies and then transferred them to Preeta, but it’s not valid, it doesn’t belong to Arjun, Nidhi is the sole owner of all the companies and properties, which means that Arjun has nothing in his hands.

Karan realizes that he had forgotten Nidhi in the story. Anjali tells him that he knows Nidhi well. She adds that Nidhi can bring them on the roads in a second. She thanks Arjun for snatching everything from the Luthras. She informs that Nidhi is coming to snatch everything from Arjun. She tells the family that they got Arjun, but they won’t get anything else. She calls it fate. She tells that they can come on the roads anytime.

She suggests they make their accommodation in some chawl nearby. She tells that they all will get kicked out of their house very soon. The bad news ruins their peace. Prithvi witnesses Anjali’s move. He loves the news. He thinks to share the fantastic news with Sherlyn. He comes home to share the good news. He finds her angry. He tells that he got such amazing news, which will end her anger too. He asks her to listen to him. She gets her bag. She tells that she is leaving the house. He asks her to give him a chance. He doesn’t want her to leave. She tells that she loved him and ignored his mistakes, but she wants his loyalty. She threatens him.

She tells that he will be thrown out of the house soon because she didn’t pay the rent. She turns deaf to his pleas. She leaves the house. He can’t believe that she left him. Nidhi informs Dadi that she is coming home. Dadi tells Anjali that Nidhi is coming tomorrow. Anjali likes the best news. She tells that she will not lose. Karan tells Mahesh that Nidhi isn’t answering his calls. Rishabh tells that they are happy with Karan’s homecoming, they don’t want anything else.

Mahesh asks him to call the lawyer, they will find some way to come out of this problem. Rishabh consoles Karan. Karan thinks he has invited trouble for his family because of his misunderstanding. He feels guilty. Preeta tells that she can blame herself for everything. He tells that it’s not her fault. She asks him not to feel guilty either. He tells that she always creates problems for him. She beats him. He asks her to never leave his life.

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