Kundali Bhagya Leap spoiler Karan Preeta exit

Kundali Bhagya Leap spoiler Karan Preeta exit

Kundali Bhagya Leap spoiler Karan Preeta exit Kundali Bhagya will be heading towards a leap. The news of the leap came out last month, but the track didn’t move much ahead. New faces will be seen in the show. Will Karan and Preeta meet their end while dealing with Anjali, Prithvi, and Nidhi? Will Natasha’s track also begin before the leap? Keep reading to know about the major changes coming with the leap.

Faltu gets trapped in a bad light by Kanika’s aides. Faltu is too innocent to learn the evil conspiracy played by her roommates. Coach Vishal tells her that she doesn’t need to come to his room at night. He ousts Faltu from his room. This incident happens another time when Vishal starts believing in her talent and genuinely wants to help her. He also has an agenda behind training Faltu. He tells Faltu that he will help her, and he also wants to know about her life’s troubles. He wants to know everything about her.


Faltu goes with Vishal. Vishal tells that he can help her get relief from body pain. He gives her a neck massage. Faltu’s roommate makes a video of Faltu spending time with Vishal. Vishal sends Faltu off to her room. The next morning, Faltu receives a huge shock when the girls make demeaning comments about her for using her beauty instead her talent to win on the fields. They tell her that they have seen her true colors, and how she was pleasing Vishal to convince him of her selection in the team.

Faltu is further moved when she watches the video. She realizes how someone had intentionally maligned her image. Faltu gets defamed in the academy. She is accused of trapping Vishal in love to make her career. Kanika and Tanisha want Ayaan to watch that video so that Faltu falls in his sight once and for all. Faltu breaks down and loses the courage to meet her dad Charan with such bad news.

Durga Aur Charu:
Durga and Anirban’s love story begins. Durga trusts Anirban but doesn’t expect a love confession in front of her. Durga doesn’t know what she is feeling. She tells that she shares everything with him, but she isn’t sure of her love for him. She is ready to marry the guy chosen by her Maasi. Anirban tells that his madness is his love, love means Durga to him. Durga rejects his love. Anirban suffers heartbreak when she walks out.


Harleen and Ekam are getting engaged. She tells that her true love will win today. Nehmat has much pain in her heart that she has lost Ekam forever. She still performs in his engagement and pretends to be happy. She wants Ekam to make a new start with Harleen. Nehmat finishes the dance performance, which makes Ekam and her very emotional. She loses her balance. Ekam leaves the engagement and runs to hold Nehmat in his arms. Harleen questions herself if she is doing right by separating true lovers. She doesn’t want to separate Ekam and Nehmat. What will Harleen decide? Will she help Nehmat in exposing Advait? Will Harleen reveal her marriage with Advait, which makes Nehmat’s marriage with Advait void? Keep reading.


  1. karan when dr preeta is pregnent this anjali she will kindnap one babby karan please see the anjali face properly you observed that if you do mind you can do it.
    karan you say shirti and krithika to stay hospital with along family for same time karan you inform police to arrset anjali in the jail karan tell her anjali to get out Luthura house you can do it.
    karan you are be sucessful now days.
    dr preeta you please be 😇cool down.


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