Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update Prachi sees Ranbir following her. She doesn’t want him to trouble her all the time. Ranbir gets in front of her car. She doesn’t want to stop. He tells that he will not stop. She tries to scare him by speeding the car. He doesn’t get off. She asks him what he wants. He wants her answer. He asks her to answer him, if she was alive, then why didn’t she come back? She tells that she already answered him. He asks her to repeat it in a better way, he doesn’t know about it. She tells that it’s his problem if he doesn’t understand. She asks him to get habitual to it. He apologizes to her.

He tells them that she isn’t a good person if she doesn’t have the right answer. She taunts him back that he isn’t a good person to understand her. They both wrap up their argument and go their ways. Dida can’t believe that Prachi is alive. Pallavi is worried for Ranbir. Vikram reaches the court. He asks Pallavi if is everything fine. He tells that he has come after reading Pallavi’s message. He asks her about the matter. Dida tells that Ranbir is accused of molestation. He asks if the people have got mad. Pallavi tells that Aryan has bailed out Ranbir. He asks who has accused him. She tells that Prachi did this.


He asks her if their Prachi is alive. Dida tells that she is alive. He asks how is this possible. Pallavi tells that Prachi has filed the complaint. He asks does that mean that Ranbir molested Prachi. They explain that Prachi is supporting Payal, who blamed Ranbir. He asks if Ranbir is okay. They ask Vikram to just think about what is Ranbir going through. Payal enquires about Prachi. She learns that Prachi left. She finds Ranbir gone too and questions the inspector. Inspector tells that Ranbir didn’t run away, he left on bail. She asks him how did he get bail so much. He tells that they follow the protocols. She calls this a big mistake. She calls Prachi to inform her. Prachi weeps thinking of Ranbir.

Payal calls Prachi. Prachi doesn’t take her calls. Payal gets worried. Prachi slips into her painful memories. She stops her car and sits crying. The people ask her to take her car aside. She leaves from there. Ranbir vents his anger on Prachi’s deception. He tells that he had seen Prachi at the hotel and asked the same thing, where was she and why did she lie to him? Prachi comes home. Sahana finds her worried. She asks her to matter.

Ranbir tells that Prachi just blames him for everything, which isn’t fair. He wonders if he has done everything, why does Prachi blame him all the time? Prachi tells the entire matter to Sahana. She doesn’t think Payal would lie. Ranbir tells that Prachi likes to play with his feelings, he always asked her to come back, and she came back to blame him and get him arrested. Sahana gets shocked to know about Prachi and Ranbir’s absurd meeting. Ranbir hurts himself. Vikram and Pallavi stop him. Ranbir hugs Vikram and cries in pain. Vikram asks him to stay strong.

They do aid to Ranbir’s wound. Sahana tells Prachi that Ranbir can never molest a girl. She tells that Ranbir is innocent, and Prachi has done wrong. Prachi tells that her meeting with Ranbir has reminded her of the day when she lost Panchi. She hopes that Panchi comes back to her. Kohlis see Ranbir in pain. Ranbir thanks them for their support. He tells that his wounds are deep, and no ointment can heal his wounds. The family cries seeing him in sorrow. Pallavi tells that she will stay with Ranbir, she can’t leave him alone. Vikram tells that Ranbir might be reminded of everything. He thinks Ranbir should be left alone to deal with his sorrow. Payal comes to meet Prachi. She apologizes to her.

She asks Prachi if is she okay. She tells that she got scared when Prachi didn’t answer the call. Dadi asks Prachi what’s the matter. Sahana tells Dadi that she will tell her everything. Dadi asks her to say the truth. Sahana asks Dadi not to scold Prachi or say anything. She makes Dadi promise. She tells about Ranbir’s arrest. Payal tells Prachi that Ranbir got freed from jail. She adds that she doesn’t have any support. Prachi asks her not to fall weak, or else people will take advantage of her. She encourages Payal to move on. She tells that she will be there to support Payal. Payal apologizes for all the trouble. Prachi asks her to keep the courage.

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