Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update Akshay’s entry

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update Akshay's entry

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update Akshay’s entry Prachi exposes Payal’s truth and proves Ranbir innocent. Payal gets mad at Prachi for ruining her planning and hard work behind framing Ranbir. She tells that Prachi has spoiled everything. She raises her hand to slap Prachi. Ranbir stops Payal from hurting Prachi. He doesn’t let Payal insult his wife. Prachi tells Ranbir that he should have told the truth before himself. She asks why didn’t he tell the truth, that he had hired Payal from the company because of the fraud. Ranbir asks her if she is expecting him to tell the truth when she isn’t telling him the truth till now. He wants to know why didn’t she come back to him when she was alive. He asks her to answer him.

Later, Prachi tells Priya that Ashok’s son Akshay is like Ashok. Priya tells that she heard a lot about Akshay and that he is a serious type. Prachi shows Akshay’s picture to Priya and tells her that she doesn’t know much about him. Akshay lands in Delhi. Akshay’s entry is the next big twist in the show.


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Rajjo and Arjun finally bring Amit in front of the entire family. Kalindi doesn’t know about Amit, that he is the father of Niharika’s child. Pushkar is aware of the truth and tells Niharika that he had shot Amit. He doesn’t know how Amit is still alive. Rajjo tells the family that Niharika had an affair with Amit but refused to marry him even when she was pregnant with his child. She adds that Niharika trapped Arjun just to get a good life for her child. She tells Madhu that Niharika is worse than Urvashi, and Arjun doesn’t deserve such a wrong life partner. Arjun takes a stand for Rajjo when Madhu tries to throw her out. Arjun testifies to Rajjo’s revelation. He tells that he will not marry Niharika at all costs. Pushkar and Niharika’s crime gets exposed.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update Akshay’s entry:

Prachi asks Payal how can she deny her house’s CCTV footage. She shows the next proof, Payal’s bank account statement. She tells that Payal has been doing fraud and stealing money from company accounts. She adds that the office peon had told the truth to her. She reveals how she suspected Payal and caught her lies. She tells that she found it strange that Payal had installed CCTV cameras inside her house. She scolds Payal for framing Ranbir. Payal gets angry that Prachi ruined her plans.

She goes to slap Prachi. Ranbir stops Payal. Payal threatens him for catching her mistake. The NGO women get angry at Payal when they find that Ranbir is innocent, and Payal was wrong. They catch Payal to blacken her face. Ranbir stops them from hurting Payal. He tells that he didn’t tell Payal’s truth to anyone, because he didn’t wish her career to get ruined. He asks her to take the charges back.

Tanya tells that she has recorded everything and she will get him free of all the charges. The NGO women and Tanya apologize to him. Ranbir asks Tanya to just support the truth like Prachi did. Everyone leaves. Prachi tells Ranbir that he should have told the truth to everyone before itself. He asks her if she is expecting him to say the truth when she didn’t tell him anything till now. She gets upset. He goes to thank her. He stops her. She asks him what he has to say. He tells that he has to say that it’s easy to fight with her.

She tells that he likes to fight with her. He tells that he loves her a lot. They have a moment. He tells that it’s no use to saying this at this instant. She asks him if he is saying he is right and she is wrong. She thanks him. He tells that it’s not her mistake. He thanks her for saving him from the wrong blame. She forgives him. He tells that if she didn’t come on time, then his name and career would have got ruined. He thanks her for saving his reputation, or else he could have not proved his innocence. She says that she has done this to support an innocent person.

She clears that this wasn’t meant for him, she would do the same thing for any innocent person. He asks her if he doesn’t matter to her. She makes a leave after giving him a frank but rude reply. He regrets that she doesn’t love him. He tells that he loves her and would have stood by her even if she was wrong. He doesn’t think it’s any use to explain her. Ashok asks the manager to take retirement. The manager apologizes to him. He tells that Prachi is coming. Ashok feels troubled handling the work alone. He waits for Prachi. He asks Priya about Prachi. Priya tells that she has seen Prachi coming.

Prachi reaches the office. She meets Ashok. He asks her where did she disappear. Prachi tells that she had some work, it was essential, and an innocent person was getting punished. Ashok asks her to get Akshay’s cabin cleaned. She asks the reason. He tells them that Akshay is coming, and if he doesn’t like it, then he will vent his anger on them. She asks him not to worry. She asks the peon to clean the cabin. She goes to supervise the work. The manager asks Ashok if he is scared of his son.

Ashok tells that he is scared for the staff, and Akshay will terrify the staff if he gets angry. Prachi finishes the work. She didn’t know that Akshay is coming. She doesn’t take his call. She tells that he is just rude like his dad. She gets Ashok’s call. Priya asks Prachi to come quickly, it’s urgent work. Prachi checks Akshay’s cabin and makes the final touches. She tells that Akshay wants perfect things in his cabin. Priya asks her how Akshay looks. Prachi shows Akshay’s photo to her. She tells that Akshay is scared of her. Akshay is seen reaching Delhi.

Priya likes Akshay and tells that he is handsome. She asks if he has a girlfriend. Prachi asks her to focus on her work. She tells that she doesn’t know about Akshay’s girlfriend. Ashok tells that he will call Akshay to the office directly. Prachi asks him to let Akshay go home and relax. He tells that he likes his work a lot. She tells that she knows Akshay well. Akshay comes out of the airport. He doesn’t find anyone there to receive him. A goon sees Akshay and finds him rich. He calls his friend there to steal Akshay’s luggage. Akshay hires a taxi and puts on his bags.

He leaves the airport. The goons follow Akshay. Prachi reaches Khushi’s flower stall to meet her. She gets much peace on meeting Khushi. Khushi hugs her. They both say that they missed each other because of their love. Prachi asks Khushi to give her a flower that smiles like her. Khushi gives her a sunflower. Prachi likes chatting with her. Laali reaches there and finds Prachi again. Prachi asks Laali how is she doing. Laali asks how did she come back so soon. She doesn’t care if Prachi feels bad. She asks her not to visit Khushi in her absence. Prachi tells that she had come to meet Laali and gift her the costly sarees.

Laali gets glad. She tells that she wants Khushi. Laali thanks her for the gifts. Prachi tells that she will get more gifts for Laali. She gives chocolates to Khushi. Ranbir reaches there and sees Prachi with Khushi. He rushes to go and find out what’s happening. Prachi pays for the flower. Laali asks her to keep it for free. Ranbir goes to them and asks what is going on. Prachi asks Laali to give her an answer soon. Khushi introduces Ranbir and Prachi as her Shiv and Parvati. They both realize that they both are a part of Khushi’s life. This twist was unexpected for them.


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