Kundali Bhagya Major fire drama Natasha Roxy held

Kundali Bhagya Major fire drama Natasha Roxy held

Kundali Bhagya Major fire drama Natasha Roxy caught up Karan and Preeta’s lives falling in danger. Natasha and Roxy get to hear Karan’s plans of getting them arrested. They angrily decide to kill Karan and Preeta. They reach Karan’s room and pour the kerosene everywhere to light the room on fire. Karan and Preeta have a romantic scene. Karan gets a western dress for Preeta and asks her to wear it for his sake. Preeta goes to change. Karan waits for her. Natasha and Roxy find Karan away for a while and ignite the fire till Karan and Preeta come back. Karan is shocked to see the fire.

Karan and Preeta try to save each other from the house. Karan immerses the blankets in water. He asks Preeta to come to him. They cover themselves with wet blankets and come out of the fire safely. Natasha and Roxy catch Karan and Preeta at gunpoint. Karan tells that he was expecting her. Akash and Neha come to rescue Karan and Preeta. Preeta asks Natasha how dare she attack Karan. She tells that nobody can write someone’s fate. Preeta and Natasha get into a catfight. Karan catches Natasha in front of him when Roxy threatens to shoot him. Karan tricks Roxy and snatches the gun from him.


Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti reach Manali resort. They get the police along. They get Natasha and Roxy arrested. Karan tells the police that Natasha and Roxy had tried to kill him six years back. Rishabh calls Rakhi and Mahesh. He gets them on a video call and tells them that Karan and Preeta are safe. He asks Rakhi to speak to Karan. He also informs about Natasha and Roxy’s failed attempt to harm Karan. All get well for the Luthras. The family members ask Karan and Preeta to enjoy their honeymoon and return home. The dramatic track ends while making a way for a leap.

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