Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2023 Rishi slaps Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2023 Rishi slaps Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2023 Written Update Rishi slaps Malishka Ranbir sees the paper rose given by Lakshmi and hugs it. Ayush finds him in a moment and teases him. He takes the rose and asks Rishi what’s so special about it. Rishi tells that it’s special to him because Lakshmi has given it to him. Ayush says that the paper rose has the fragrance of care, concern, and attachment. He tries to make Rishi understand that he loves Lakshmi. Rishi and Lakshmi meet in the kitchen. He is glad that she is trying to stay normal. She prepares the food for the family. He helps her. He likes to keep looking at her.

He finds her hair troubling and disturbing her. He moves the hair off her face. He tells her that he will cut the hair if it disturbs her again. Rishi and Lakshmi have sweet moments. They appear very happy together. Malishka reaches there and finds them together. She yells at Lakshmi and insults her for deliberately trapping Rishi. She asks Lakshmi did she stoop to this level. Rishi asks Malishka to stop it. Lakshmi tries to defend herself, but Malishka doesn’t listen to anything. Rishi loses his cool. He angrily slaps Malishka.


Malishka is shocked at his madness. Lakshmi grows worried. She feels guilty that she is the cause of Rishi and Malishka’s fight. He tells Malishka that she can never become a good person like Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Ayush calls up Shalu and passes time flirting with her. She asks him to stop speaking nonsense. He tells that he has no other girlfriend to talk such nonsense. She gets shy when he acknowledges her as his girlfriend. Ayush and Shalu’s story develops from friendship into a sweet love relationship. What will be Malishka’s answer to Rishi? Keep reading.

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2023 Rishi slaps Malishka:

Kiran asks Malishka where is she going. Malishka tells that she is going to do a job at Rishi’s house. Kiran asks what she is saying. Malishka tells that it’s a job to keep an eye on Lakshmi. She doesn’t get free of tension. She wants to save Rishi from Lakshmi. Dadi asks Lakshmi to have her command and control over the kitchen. She introduces Lakshmi to the new house to help Suhani. She asks Lakshmi to make a kheer for her. Rishi sees the paper rose in the drawer. He gets recalled of Lakshmi. Ayush reaches there and sings a song to tease Rishi. He asks Rishi what is he doing with a paper flower, it’s not a real flower.

Rishi asks him to shut up, this rose is given by Lakshmi, it’s a valentines gift. Ayush gets glad and says that it has the fragrance of care and attachment. Rishi asks did he get mad. He beats Ayush and asks him to go to the office. Ayush tells that he will go. Rishi throws him out of the room when he irritates further. Rishi goes to see Lakshmi. Lakshmi sends Suhana to get a few things. She kneads the flour. She gets troubled by the hair strands coming over her face. Rishi finds her cute struggle and goes to help. She asks why did he come.

He tells her that he can’t see anything troubling her, he won’t tolerate it, and he will cut her hair strands if it troubles her again. She smiles and thanks him. He thanks her for smiling. He tells that he has something to say. She asks him what is it. He tells that she was looking very beautiful when her hair strands came over her face. He asks her not to get angry. He tells that he spoke to Vinky and Pinky, and they apologized for that guy’s misbehavior. He had asked them to check the family background of those guys also. They both fall and laugh.

Malishka comes to Oberoi house. She gets to hear them laughing. Rishi and Lakshmi fight for a coconut. Malishka loses her cool. She scolds Lakshmi for trapping Rishi. She slaps Lakshmi. Rishi asks Malishka to shut up. Malishka doesn’t listen. He angrily slaps her. This turns out to be Malishka’s imagination. She fears confronting Rishi and goes away from there. Rishi and Lakshmi have a moment. He compliments her that she looks the best in a saree. He goes to his room and finds Malishka there. He asks why is she angry. She asks him to question himself, what was he doing in the kitchen with Lakshmi? Rishi asks her to stop doubting him. She asks him to stay away from Lakshmi.

He tells that Lakshmi is his responsibility, and he wants the best for Lakshmi. She tells that her life is getting worse because of him. He calls her worries baseless. She asks him if he loves her. He tells that he is marrying her because he loves her. Neelam finds them quarreling because of Lakshmi. He refuses to talk to Malishka. Neelam doesn’t want tension in their lives. Malishka goes mad in anger. Ayush gets Shalu’s call. He irritates her with his jokes. Shalu thinks he is busy. She calls him useless. He tells that she has become smart. He adds that he doesn’t have any other girlfriend than her.

She asks what did he say. He tells that she is a girl and she is his friend, so she is his girlfriend. She asks about Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi is okay. She learns that he is at the office. She jokes about his official visit. He asks her to respect him. He tells that he wants to earn money so that he gets a wife soon. She calls him foolish. He tells that he is really foolish to talk about such things. Malishka finds Lakshmi pleasing Devika. Devika sings Lakshmi’s praise. Malishka doesn’t want Lakshmi to cook food and impress the family. She makes a plan against Lakshmi.


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