Kundali Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update Finale

Kundali Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update Finale

Kundali Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update Finale The fire gets caught in the hotel room. The fire alarms ring. The guests leave their rooms after hearing the alarms and leave the hotel. The lady questions the manager about the fire. She states that some of her family members are still stuck inside. The guests also worry about their luggage kept in the rooms. Rishabh, Shrishti, and Sameer reach the hotel. The manager tells the guests that the fire brigade is on the way, the fire will be extinguished soon.

Rishabh rushes to look for Karan and Preeta. Roxy gets Karan at gunpoint. Karan sees Natasha and asks her if she has planned this. Natasha says that she wanted to kill him but failed, but she will ensure he dies this time. She asks Roxy to shoot Karan. Preeta worries for Karan. Karan and Preeta fight their enemies and get assistance from Akash and Neha. Soon, Rishabh, Shrishti, and Sameer arrive with the family and get Natasha and Roxy arrested.


Kundali Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update Finale:

Karan and Preeta have their romance soaring. Natasha and Roxy enter their room and pour the kerosene around. Karan and Preeta romantically dance. They embrace each other. Natasha and Roxy hide and try to escape. Karan hands another dress to Preeta. He waits to see her. Natasha drops the candle and ignites a fire in the room. They make a leave. Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti don’t find anyone at the reception. Shrishti tells that she will find details of Karan and Preeta’s room. The receptionist comes there. Rishabh asks for Karan and Preeta’s room number. The lady helps them. The manager tells that he will take them upstairs. Natasha and Roxy burn the door to block the exit as well. Karan gets a huge shock at seeing the fire.

Neha gets a burning smell. She wakes up Akash and asks him if he is feeling something wrong. He is too tired to respond. She is shocked to see the fire in the corridor. Karan checks and finds the entire room burning. He wonders how did this happen. Preeta comes from the washroom and gets to see the fire. She shouts to alert Karan. He asks her to stay inside. Rishabh and others are also shocked to see fire. The manager calls for the fire brigade. Neha asks Akash to see the fire. Akash shouts for help. Natasha tells Roxy that Karan and Preeta would die now. Karan gets a curtain.

He asks Preeta to stay safe. He advises her to get a wet towel from the washroom and cover herself with it. Shrishti panics for her sister. Rishabh tells that his family is stuck in the fire. The manager stops him from going ahead. He asks Rishabh not to go, or else they will also fall in danger. Karan and Preeta manage to put off some fire and leave the room. The manager asks the guests to leave the floor and come downstairs. He asks them to cooperate and keep patience. Rishabh asks them to check Karan’s room. Shrishti asks the people to evacuate the hotel. Karan and Preeta find Akash and Neha in trouble.

Preeta asks Karan to save them. Karan asks Neha to put water on a blanket and wear it. Preeta passes a blanket to her. Akash and Neha get saved. Natasha and Roxy celebrate. Karan and Preeta reach the same place. They get to see Natasha and Roxy. Neha asks Natasha to help them and take them outside the resort. Roxy points a gun at Karan. Karan asks if they have done this. Natasha admits that she did it. She tells that she had tried to kill him because he has no right to stay alive, after all, he rejected her love. Preeta rebukes her for trying to kill Karan. Karan calms down Preeta. Natasha calls her mad not realizing that Karan is at gunpoint. He asks Roxy to kill Karan. Roxy tells that he had no plan to kill Karan, but he can’t spare him to invite trouble. Natasha tells that Roxy will live happily by killing Karan and Preeta. Neha asks them did they come from a mental asylum. Akash asks her to stop arguing with the dangerous people. Natasha calls them cartoons. Preeta protects Karan.

Roxy tells that he will shoot Karan. He asks Karan to remember his family. Karan and Preeta fight Natasha and Roxy. Neha asks Akash to help Karan. Akash doesn’t want to help and makes excuses. Neha goes to help them. Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti reach with the hotel staff, media, and police. Natasha and Roxy get arrested. Natasha threatens Karan. The Luthras sigh a relief.

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  1. dr preeta this natasha she will put karossene and fire in the door dr preeta you say for karan to come out from window fast don’nt waate your time karan you inform police to arrest natasha and roxy in the jail.
    rishabh if you reach manali such dr preeta and karan room number is 102 then you call for karan.
    shiriti you can hug dr preeta that is better for you.


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