YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Why Manjiri goes berserk

YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Why Manjiri goes berserk

YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Why Manjiri goes berserk The Birla family falls into a fix when Manish and Suwarna don’t reach them on time. Goenkas try to send the puja kalash by someone else. Surekha suggests that Akshara and her husband Abhinav take the Kalash to the Birla house and sit in the puja. She doesn’t think any problem can happen when Akshara has moved on and now even Abhimanyu is moving on. Abhimanyu prays for Abhir’s safety and well-being, by remembering his sweet request. Manjiri gets mistaken that Aarohi is the reason for this change in Abhimanyu. She tells that Abhimanyu has worshipped Shiv ji after a long time for Aarohi and Ruhi’s sake.

She feels this relationship will make Abhimanyu’s life better. Abhimanyu just wishes little Abhir to stay fine. Abhir loves Abhimanyu as much as he loves Abhinav. Abhimanyu sits for the puja. He stays lost in Akshara’s thoughts. Pandit asks him to take his wife’s name along with his own. Abhimanyu takes Akshara’s name as his wife and leaves Aarohi and Manjiri stunned. Aarohi understands that he needs time to accept the changes in his life. She doesn’t compel him to move on immediately, knowing it’s not possible.


Akshara and Abhinav get the kalash for Aarohi. Manjiri goes mad in anger when she spots Akshara at the door. She obstructs Akshara’s way. She asks Akshara to not enter the house. Akshara tells that she has got the kalash for the puja, and it is necessary to reach them on time. Manjiri humiliates her and asks her why did she get the kalash for Abhimanyu’s engagement. She tells that the kalash was meant to be for the puja before, and now it has become a pain for them. Akshara is moved by seeing Manjiri’s annoyance. Manjiri refuses to accept the kalash from her hands. Abhinav takes a stand for Akshara and stops Manjiri from speaking rude things. Abhimanyu too doesn’t like Akshara’s insult. He tries to calm down Manjiri’s anger.


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