Ghum Hai Kisikey 5th March 2023 Virat Sai moment

Ghum Hai Kisikey 5th March 2023 Virat Sai moment

Ghum Hai Kisikey 5th March 2023 Virat Sai love moment Virat is in a dilemma while hiding his feelings for Sai. He struggles hard to conceal his true love. He remembers his promise to Pakhi. He doesn’t want things to get awkward. He decides to keep his commitment to Pakhi by sacrificing his love for Sai. Virat and Sai revisit their past and think about how they used to fight and patch up. Sai tells him that nothing can get okay between them, nobody can become cupid and fix things. She adds that things have gone out of their control. She doesn’t think Virat and she can get back together, because of his marriage with Pakhi. Virat feels helpless.

He tells Sai that he never loved Pakhi or anyone else. He wants Sai to believe him once, that he has been loyal to Sai always. They have an emotional moment. He asks her what he should do to make her believe he can leave his life to hold her hand. Virat says he feels he has achieved everything when she is with him. They both have a moment when their love reaches each other’s hearts through the tears in their eyes. Virat controls his emotions. He realizes that he has been imagining his love confession to Sai.


He doesn’t think he should take a step toward Sai, even if his heart pushes him. He remembers the promise to Pakhi and steps back. Pakhi and Sai get into a catfight. Pakhi tells that it’s her house, and Sai should stay out of it. She adds that she has her rights over the Chavan family. She asks Sai to stay away from her life. Sai taunts that Pakhi’s focus is on spoiling others’ lives, so she is insecure that the same thing might happen to her as well. She asks Pakhi to better become a good person and let everyone live in peace. Pakhi doesn’t tolerate Sai and her taunts.


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