Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2023 Written Update Pranbir wish

Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2023 Written Update Pranbir wish

Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2023 Written Update Pranbir wish Pallavi tells Ranbir that he is finding his Panchi in Khushi and that he shouldn’t give up so soon. She asks him to bring Khushi into their lives if he wants Khushi to fill the emptiness caused by Panchi’s loss. Ranbir tells that he likes Khushi a lot and finds Panchi in her. Pallavi supports him. Ranbir meets Khushi. She tells that she has to confess something to him. He asks her what is bothering her. She tells that she met him in the morning and at that time, even Prachi was present. She adds that she felt something seeing both of them together.

Ranbir asks what she feels. She tells that she felt like Ranbir and Prachi should get together, they should unite and stay together. She doesn’t know if her random wish is right or not. She shares her feelings with him. She tells that both Ranbir and Prachi are like Shiv and Parvati to her, and she wants to see them together. Ranbir gets emotional, and feels Khushi deserves to take Panchi’s place in their lives, after all, she can see Prachi and him as her parents and wants them together.


She tells that she has seen a shooting star and then she has prayed for Ranbir and Prachi’s union. She apologizes to him if she is wrong. Ranbir hugs her with love. Prachi and Ranbir also spot the shooting star and wish that Khushi’s wish gets fulfilled. They both want to give a happy family to Khushi. Will they succeed to unite or clash to get Khushi? Akshay develops a liking for Prachi, which is not oblivious to Ranbir. Kaya offers a big project to Ranbir to keep him close. What will be Kaya and Akshay’s roles in Pranbir’s life? Keep reading.

Aryan gives the car keys to Ranbir. Ranbir recalls Akshay’s stare at Prachi. Aryan asks him who is Akshay. He asks if anything happened. Ranbir tells that he will meet him later. Aryan asks him where is he going. He understands that Ranbir is in trouble. He fears that it’s some big problem. Akshay comes to Prachi’s house. She asks him what’s wrong. He tells that he just came to meet her. He gets on his knees and proposes to her for marriage. Prachi tells that he knows her answer, she isn’t ready for any relationship.

He tells her that she always refuses his proposal, he will come to her with hope next time, and he will wait until she says yes to the marriage. She asks him not to hurt him. He asks her to agree to the marriage, and their problems will end, he needs her a lot, she saves him from all the problems, and she is his favorite. He promises that he will make her smile. She tells that they will find a beautiful girl for him. He tells that she is his choice, he likes her a lot, and they both are perfect for each other.

He wants a girl who is perfect for him. She asks him not to drag it. He tells that he will propose to her again. He shows the ring and tells an interesting story about it. He tells that Ashok said the ring is lucky, so he tried luck to propose to her. He tells her that he will re-attempt to convince her. He greets Dadi and Sahana. He asks Prachi to see his demand, everyone loves him. Dadi asks him about his flight. Akshay tells that he was eager to come home and meet Prachi, but he got late. He tells that he will go now and meet his dad. Prachi asks him to keep the car.

He tells that Prachi always keeps him away. He makes a leave. Dadi asks Prachi what happened to Akshay. Sahana asks if he proposed to her again. Prachi tells that she has no answer to give him. Ranbir gets jealous thinking of Akshay. He knows Akshay has feelings for Prachi. Ashok waits for Akshay. Akshay reaches home and hugs Ashok. Ashok asks if he has proposed to Prachi and convinced her. Akshay tells that Prachi didn’t agree even this time. He feels he has tried a lot to change his words. Ashok tells that no one can force someone to love. Akshay tells that he is okay, he will accept Prachi’s refusal and keep trying to win her heart. Ranbir reaches Khushi. Khushi runs to meet him. She comes in front of a car. Ranbir rushes and saves her. He scolds the car driver. He gets angry with Khushi as well and scolds her. She weeps. He tells that he was scolding her out of concern. He wonders why did he get hyper, maybe it was his tension for Khushi. He apologizes to her. He asks her why was she running on the road. She tells him that she got snacks, and when she saw him, then she thought she can share them with him. He apologizes.

He asks about Laali. She tells that Laali is at home with her boyfriend, so she asked her to come home late. She asks Ranbir why didn’t he hear her voice. She wants to know what was he thinking. Ranbir tells that he wasn’t thinking anything. She tells that she met Ranbir and Prachi at the same time, and felt that they both should unite, they would look good together, she loves them a lot and wished for their union. Ranbir gets a wide smile on his face. He tells that even a shooting star can’t fix broken relations. He asks her to come, he will drop her home. She asks him to share the snacks. Prachi reminisces about her moments with Ranbir. She tells that only Khushi can bring happiness to her life.

Ranbir drops Khushi to her home. Khushi looks for Laali. He asks her if she stays in such a place. She prepares her bedding. She asks him to go once she sleeps. He asks when will Laali come. She tells that Laali has gone to attend a wedding, she will come by morning. Ranbir wonders how Khushi lives in such a house. She asks him to not go anywhere. He tells that he will always be with her. She tells that she talks to the moon whenever she is alone. He asks her if she wants to have water. She refuses. Prachi looks for her phone. He asks her if she wants to have food. She tells that she doesn’t know what she wants. Ranbir tells that if she was his daughter, then he would have made her sleep by telling her a trick.

She asks him what’s the trick. He asks her to think of the person she loves the most. He thinks of Prachi. Khushi gets Prachi’s call. She tells that Parvati has bought the phone for her. She asks him not to tell Laali about it. Khushi answers the call and talks to Prachi. Khushi tells that she isn’t getting sleep. Prachi tells that she should sleep early. She asks Khushi to put the phone on speaker. Khushi puts it on speaker. Prachi asks her to keep phone aside and lie down. She advises her to close eyes. She sings a lullaby for Khushi. Ranbir hears her and recalls the old moment when Prachi sang the same lullaby in the hospital for making Panchi sleep. Ranbir gets emotional. Khushi falls asleep.


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