Anupama 6th March 2023 Written Update Maya shocks

Anupama 6th March 2023 Written Update Maya shocks

Anupama 6th March 2023 Written Update Maya shocks Anuj and Anupama in the coming episode. Anupama confronts Anuj for hiding the matter from her when he had promised to share everything. She says she did not ask anything in Shah’s house, but she can ask him now when they came home. She adds that she had told him everything about Vanraj when it was not easy for her. She wants to know why didn’t he say it to her. She worships Anuj. She is affected that he has hidden the matter from her. She tells that she should have known the matter from Anuj, rather than Kavya. She calls it wrong and regrets it.

Anuj and Anupama begins to suffer. She states that she is hurt and heartbroken because of Anuj’s silence. Anuj apologizes to her. He tells that he will not be clear because he is wrong. Maya doesn’t like them to clear their differences. Anuj tells that he wasn’t wrong, but he didn’t wish to give the same pain to Anupama again. He feels sorry that he couldn’t keep the promise. He says that he didn’t keep Maya’s word, but he couldn’t say it to Anupama. He asks Anupama to trust her Anuj.


Anupama tells that her faith in him can never break. Anuj hugs Anupama and gets grateful. Maya intervenes between them. Anupama tells that she will not tolerate Maya in the house. Anuj asks Maya to leave. Maya refuses to go alone. She tells that she will take Anu along with her, and no law can stop her from doing so. She threatens Anuj and Anupama of snatching Anu from them if they dare to throw her out of their house. What will Anuj and Anupama do now? Keep reading for more news on your favorite show, Anupama.


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