Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Good news

Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Good news

Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Good news Prachi makes Khushi sleep by singing a lullaby for her. She tells that she loves Khushi a lot. She recalls that even Ranbir used to fall asleep along with Panchi on hearing the lullaby. Ranbir hears her and cries. Prachi doesn’t want to think of Ranbir, else all her painful memories will get revived. Ranbir returns home. He thinks of Khushi. He goes and changes his clothes. Pallavi finds Ranbir home. He tells that he is sorry to come late. She says she grows worried for him when he doesn’t inform her about coming late. He asks her not to worry. She finds him worried and asks the reason.

He asks how she knows it. She tells him that she is his mother, she knows it when he is in pain, and her breath stops seeing him tense. Ranbir tells that the same thing happened to him, his breath stopped when he saw Khushi meet an accident. She asks him if Khushi is fine. He tells that he saved Khushi, but he got too scared like he is going to die, he got mad at that moment seeing Khushi in danger. She tells him that he is feeling like a parent, which means he regards Khushi as his daughter. She tells Ranbir that he got worried as a parent, because he is finding Panchi in Khushi, and he wants Khushi to fill Panchi’s place in his life.


He wants Khushi to fill the emptiness in his life. He realizes that Prachi also has the same dream of having Khushi as their daughter. He imagines a happy family with Prachi and Khushi. Pallavi asks him to sleep. She loves him a lot. On the other hand, Akshay thinks of Prachi on seeing the proposal ring. Prachi prays that she gets Khushi. She feels she needs Khushi a lot. Ranbir also prays to get Prachi and Khushi. He thinks that maybe he won’t get Prachi again.

He tells that he just wants Khushi in his life. He wants Akshay to get away from Prachi because he knows Akshay has feelings for her. Akshay knows Prachi is aware of his feelings, but she isn’t ready to get into a relationship. He asks her to take as much time as she wants. He finds it hard to explain his heart. He gets helplessly in love with Prachi. Akshay longs for Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi long for each other and remember their sweet memories. The next morning, Kaya meets Ranbir at his office. He tells her that she has come after many days. She tells that she has come up with a big project, she got it for him, and he should handle it. Ranbir tells that he needs it.

He thanks her. She asks him to go through the project details. She tells that nothing should go wrong, he has no option, and it’s his first big independent project. She wants him to handle this alone because she is busy. She asks him to put his finances into the project. He tells that this is the best thing for him. He thanks her and hugs her happily. She asks him to not lose his senses in excitement. She tells that if she finds any problem then she will reject the project.

She takes responsibility of quality checks. He asks her to trust him. She asks him to keep her faith. He assures her that he will not give her any chance to complain. She wishes her all the best. Ranbir gets super happy. Prachi reaches her office. She apologizes to Ashok for getting late. Ashok tells that he didn’t stop her to scold. She asks him if he is in any shock after the accident. He tells that he is fit and fine, he isn’t angry, because she is very sweet. She asks him to take a rest because he isn’t behaving angrily as usual. He thanks her for saving Akshay from police custody. She gets Akshay’s call. Ashok tells that his son is disciplined like him. He finds Prachi sweet. Prachi goes to meet Akshay.

She arranges the files in his cabin. Akshay greets her. She asks him to check the work records. He switches on the fan. The document papers fly off. Akshay and Prachi pick the papers. He feels mesmerized by her charm. He finds the door stuck. She asks him if he needs help. She also tries to shut the door. Akshay feels love for her. She shuts the door and says that she is strong. She asks him why he gets nervous. Ranbir remembers his family’s blessings. He tells that he will fulfill the project and give his best. Vikram calls him. Ranbir is too excited to share the news. He tells Vikram and Pallavi that he has bagged a big project. The Kohlis rejoice when he tells that he will fulfill their dreams.


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