Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Alarming

Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Alarming

Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Alarming Preeta gets blessed with twins. Karan and the entire family celebrate their new happiness. Karan rushes to meet his babies. He is glad to see his sons. Preeta and Karan share moments of joy with their babies. Karan doesn’t tell the family about Anjali’s accident. He thinks of meeting Nidhi to inform her about his twin babies getting born. Karan goes to meet Nidhi. He tells her about Preeta delivering two healthy baby boys. Nidhi congratulates him. Anjali gets to hear this being in a coma state. She responds to hear Arjun’s voice. Karan is so happy that he forgives Anjali for her mistakes, and shares his joy with her.

Anjali awakens from the coma. After Karan leaves, Anjali rushes to the babies’ ward. She still has the revenge fire in her. She says that she can never see Karan and Preeta happy with their family. She leaves them with incomplete happiness by stealing one of their babies. She wants Preeta to see one of her babies and cry for the other one. She says that she wants Preeta’s happiness to get ruined, the loss of one baby will always make Preeta grieve. Anjali exacts his revenge on Preeta and Karan. Will Nidhi learn about Anjali’s crime? What twists will occur before the next leap? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update Alarming:

Karan meets his babies. He tells Preeta that he missed Kavya’s childhood, he got all the happiness in the form of his twins. He is pleased. He shares his happiness with Preeta. Kavya comes to see the babies. Preeta asks her to see her brothers. Kavya finds them cute. She tells that she wants to take them in her lap. Preeta tells that the babies are very young, and she won’t be able to hold them. Karan asks Kavya not to get upset. The doctor tells them that the babies are healthy, but they will keep the babies in an incubator for some time as part of the normal procedure. Karan gets worried. Preeta tells that it’s a normal process. He wants the family to meet the babies. The doctor asks him to call them once the babies stay in the isolation for three hours. The family grows restless to meet the babies.

Rishabh tells that the entire family is special to him. Bani tells that she wants to meet the babies. Karan and Preeta bring the babies outside and show them to the family members. Preeta tells that the babies will stay in the care unit for some hours. Rishabh finds the babies resembling Karan. They get super happy to see the babies. The doctor asks them to go home. Shrishti tells that they will not go home without Preeta and the babies. The doctor asks them to go to the waiting room. Karan and Preeta take the babies to the care unit. The nurse asks them to get, it while she gets the keys.

Preeta tells Karan that the babies will grow and become more handsome than him. She wants her babies to stand for her. She tells that her three children are her army. He tells that he wants his cricket team. Nidhi meets them and gets to see the twins. She congratulates them. Anjali wakes up and opens her eyes. Anjali gets to see Karan and Preeta with their babies. Nidhi lies to Preeta about her visit. Anjali gets up from her bed. She goes out to follow Karan and Preeta. Karan and Preeta keep their babies in their cradles. Preeta tells that they will come back in some time.

Karan says that Preeta will rest and come in some time. He tells Preeta that he will pamper his sons a lot, and they will love him more. Preeta tells that the babies will love her more. They make a leave from there. The family sits in the waiting area. They discuss the babies resembling Karan, Preeta, and Kavya. They look for Kavya. Kavya gets a gift. She tells that she got toys for her brothers. She tells them that Rishabh has helped her. Rakhi asks him why didn’t he remind them about getting gifts. Kritika and Shrishti tell that they have got the gifts already.

Rakhi tells that she forgot to get good gifts. Bani tells that they will get better gifts. Kavya tells that her brothers will always stay with her. Rishabh tells that he loves her a lot. Kavya loves him. She tells that nobody loves her. The family members tell her that they all love her a lot. Kavya feels her family got complete. She feels lucky. Bani asks Sameer and Shrishti to plan a baby. Shrishti feels shy. Preeta tells Karan that she doesn’t want to get away from her baby for a second. Karan tells that his babies will snatch his share of love as well because Preeta will give more love and attention to them.

He wants her love. She tells that they will love each other and also their babies. Nidhi gets upset talking to someone about fraud in the business. Karan and Preeta get to hear her problem. Preeta asks him to go and help Nidhi. He asks the nurse to take Preeta to her room. Preeta tells that she will go to her room on her own. Sameer and Shrishti have a sweet talk about their family. She tells that she already has kids. Sameer asks her if she cheated on him. She tells that Preeta’s kids are her kids also. He tells that they should also have a child. She tells that she will ask Preeta to give one of her sons to them.

He asks her to use her brains. Nidhi asks the client why is he using Arjun’s absence. Karan speaks to the client as Arjun Suryavanshi. He threatens of cancelling the project. The client agrees to deliver the project on time. She shares the other problems in business. Karan tells that he will sort out everything for her, even Preeta wants this. She tells that she is going back to London. He wishes her all the best. Preeta thinks she has seen someone. Anjali hides from her.


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