Imlie 9th March 2023 Upcoming Chini crime chart

Imlie 9th March 2023 Upcoming Chini crime chart

Imlie 9th March 2023 Upcoming Chini crime chart Imlie keeps her promise to Atharv that she will show up before his wedding rituals begin. She reaches home and stops his wedding. The media reporters ask Imlie what does she have to say. Imlie tells Chini that a wedding means for a couple. She asks her to leave the mandap, because she is marrying a married man. Chini reminds her that she has already signed the divorce papers. She asks Atharv to show the divorce papers to Imlie. Chini is shocked to see Imlie’s sign missing from the papers.

Atharv and Rana get glad that Imlie has failed Chini’s plans. Imlie tells Atharv that she loves Atharv and can do anything for his love. She asks Chini what did she do for Atharv till now. Chini tells that even she has done a lot for Atharv. Imlie tells that her lie is pure than truth because she told the lie for Atharv’s happiness. Chini admits that she had faked the suicide, and then made two attempted to kill Imlie. The family is stunned to hear Chini’s crimes from her.


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:

Dev hides about Vidhi and her fight. She lies to his mom about Vidhi. He gets Hariprasad’s call. Hari enquires if everything is okay between Vidhi and him. Dev tells that he had some work and couldn’t come. Hari invites him home for Holika dahan puja. He tells that it’s a ritual, Dev should come for some time to attend Holi function. He asks Dev to get his family along. Dev and his mom agree to visit Vidhi’s parents and get Vidhi back home. Dev doesn’t come, and the neighbors get talking about him. Dev tells Hari that he couldn’t come because of some commitments. He asks Hari to not send Vidhi to his house. This makes Hari worried.


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