Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Nidhi reveals

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Nidhi reveals

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Nidhi reveals the truth to the Luthras. Nidhi rushes to tell Karan that Anjali has fled taking away one of his babies. She finds him already worried about an unwell Preeta. She learns that even Rakhi isn’t keeping well. She gains the courage to tell him the truth when he appears panicking for his wife and mother. She doesn’t know how he will react when he learns that his baby is missing. She thinks to stop Anjali and get the baby back to Karan. She follows Anjali to their house and asks her for returning the baby. Anjali keeps a condition that she will return the baby only if Arjun agrees to marry her. Anjali goes crazy for Arjun.

Nidhi is left with no option but to head back to the hospital and meet Karan to convey Anjali’s message. She goes to Karan and cries. Karan asks her why she is crying. He asks her to please say it clearly since she is making him panic more. She tells that Anjali took his child and ran away. Karan and his entire family are shocked to know this. Nidhi tells Karan that Anjali wants to marry him. Karan goes mad in anger. He didn’t know that Anjali will create havoc when she comes out of the coma.


Luthras realize that Preeta’s fear wasn’t baseless, she was saying the truth about her babies falling in danger. They regret not understanding Preeta’s warning in time. Rakhi cries a lot when she learns this news. Karan promises her that he won’t let anything happen to his son. He asks Nidhi to take him to the farmhouse, where Anjali went after kidnapping his son. Nidhi asks him to come. Karan tells the family that he will rescue the baby and bring him back. Luthras worry about sending Karan alone. Karan tells that he can deal with Anjali alone.

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Nidhi reveals:

Anjali gets the baby home. She puts the baby on the couch. She looks for something. She gets a phone from her drawer. She thinks of arranging a nurse for the baby. She asks the baby if he is really lucky. She tells that she will see if the baby is lucky. She thinks to call the nurse Sudha, the daughter of a neighbor’s servant. She calls Sudha and learns that she is at home. She asks Sudha to come to her place soon. Sudha comes there. Anjali asks her if she wants to earn a lot of money. Sudha agrees. Anjali asks her to take care of the baby, and keep the baby away from the big drama that is going to happen now.

Nidhi comes to the farmhouse. She asks for the baby. Anjali tells that Sudha won’t listen to Nidhi now, because she has bribed Sudha. Nidhi asks why is she doing this. Anjali asks Nidhi not to question her. Nidhi tells that she is ashamed of her. Anjali asks her to go and die. Nidhi asks her to stop this madness. Anjali asks her to go and tell Karan to come and talk to her. She tells that she might give the baby if Karan convinces her with love. She asks Nidhi how can she take Karan’s side. She tells that Nidhi finds Karan right today.

Nidhi tells that Anjali has lost her mind, she isn’t the same Anjali. Anjali angrily picks up a gun and points it at Nidhi to stop her from going to the baby. She asks Nidhi to just go to Karan and convey her message to him. She says that she will not sacrifice her love. She wants Karan to divorce Preeta and marry her, or else he will see his child dead. She asks Nidhi to ask Karan to divorce Preeta. Nidhi tells that she won’t tell this to Karan. Anjali tells that Nidhi will be responsible for the baby’s death if she doesn’t go to Karan and tell him the truth.

She asks Nidhi to just go to Karan and ask him to come to meet her once. She doesn’t want Karan to madly search for the baby in the entire city. She asks Nidhi to inform Karan that she has his child. Nidhi breaks down. She can’t believe that Anjali has stooped so low. She drives back to the hospital. She doesn’t want Karan and Preeta to get separated. She worries for the baby’s safety. She feels sorry that her sister has lost her mind. She doesn’t think she can convince Anjali. She wants Karan to save his baby.

Meanwhile, Bani feels restless. She tells that she wants to keep a puja and pray for the family’s peace. She tells that things are getting wrong, they were so happy, and then their happiness got short-lived, and both Preeta and Rakhi fell ill. Karan asks her not to worry, everything is fine. Shrishti tells that Anjali is out of their lives, and there is no other enemy around. Rakhi asks Bani to keep the puja. She feels restless. Mahesh asks her to take a rest. Rakhi asks them to stay with her. Rishabh tells that they will wait outside. Karan tells that they will be around, and she can call them anytime if she needs help.

Nidhi reaches the hospital. She looks for Karan. She rushes to him. Karan asks her is Anjali okay, why is she crying, and is everything fine. Nidhi asks Karan not to worry about Anjali so much, she doesn’t deserve his care and love. She gets angered. She tells that she has spoilt Anjali by pampering her. She apologizes to him. He asks her is Anjali okay. She tells that Anjali doesn’t deserve his care. He asks her what’s wrong. She says that Anjali got conscious, she is out of the coma, and as planned they were going to London in a few days, but Anjali shocked her with a wrong deed. Karan asks her what did Anjali do.

She narrates everything to him. She tells that Anjali has stolen Karan’s baby and fled from the hospital. She adds that she has told Anjali to not do this, but Anjali didn’t listen. She tells Karan that Anjali isn’t understanding him. Karan asks her to say clearly. She tells that Anjali has taken his baby and run away. Karan and his entire family are shocked. Nidhi tells that Anjali wants to meet Karan, and also marry him. The family can’t believe this. Rakhi overhears everything. She faints down. Karan and Rishabh attend to her. Anjali waits for Karan’s call. Sudha asks Anjali to arrange some milk for the baby.

Anjali asks her to check for it in the kitchen. She gets crazy to talk to the baby. Priyanka comes to meet Anjali. Anjali happily hugs her. Priyanka tells that she is happy to see Anjali okay. Anjali tells that it’s time to feel everything well because Karan is going to marry her today. Priyanka congratulates her. She asks about Sudha. Anjali tells that Sudha is taking care of Karan and Preeta’s newborn. Priyanka learns that Anjali has kidnapped the newborn.

She asks how did this happen. Anjali tells her how she has stolen the baby from the hospital, and how she is using the baby to summon Karan and force him to marry. Priyanka tells that she is happy about Anjali’s marriage. Anjali shows grief that Nidhi cheated her. She blames Nidhi for ruining everything and putting her into this situation. She tells that she will get everything that she deserves. She just wants her Karan. Karan and his family console a worried Rakhi.

Rishabh tells that Rakhi is emotional. Rakhi tells them that Preeta was crying and telling them about her babies, but they didn’t believe her. They all cry that they didn’t listen to Preeta, who had sensed that her babies are in trouble. She cries that Preeta got to know the danger looming over her babies. She feels guilty that they couldn’t handle the babies and keep them safe. She tells that Anjali has taken the baby and Preeta is unconscious in her ward. She asks Karan to get the baby back. Karan promises that he will get his son back. He asks Rishabh to take care of Rakhi. He asks Nidhi to take him to Anjali’s farmhouse. He rushes to meet Anjali. Sameer and Shrishti also decide to accompany Karan.

Karan tells Nidhi that he will drive the car. He leaves with Nidhi. Sameer and Shrishti follow Karan’s car. Karan asks Nidhi to answer Anjali’s video call and make him talk to her. Karan yells at Anjali for kidnapping his baby. She asks him to relax. She tells that she spoke to Preeta and him, but they ousted her from their house, so she has thought to talk to them in the language which they understand, the language of fear. She asks him to come and meet her. She tells that if he acts smart, then he will yearn to see his baby’s face. Karan cries and falls tense.


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