Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2023 Written Update Huge twist

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2023 Written Update Huge twist

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2023 Written Update Huge twist Anjali tells Karan that she has tried to explain to him that she loves him, but Preeta has thrown her out of the house. She wants Karan and Preeta to get scared of her and understand what she wants. She tells him that she has to discuss an important matter, and if he gets late, then he won’t be able to see his son again. Karan rushes to the farmhouse. Rakhi goes to see Preeta, who is still unconscious. She cries that she didn’t believe Preeta before. She apologizes to Preeta that they didn’t listen to her and take action in time to save the baby.

She regrets informing Preeta that Anjali has taken one of the babies. She asks her not to worry, Karan will get the baby back. Preeta gets to hear this in a semi-conscious state of sleep. Anjali flees from the farmhouse when she learns that Sameer and Shrishti have also accompanied Karan and Nidhi. She doesn’t want a crowd in between her marriage talks. She leaves a note for Karan. She tells him that he shall come and meet her alone. She adds that if he gets Sameer and Shrishti this time, she will throw the baby down from the terrace and Karan will be responsible for it. She compels Karan to come along and meet her.


Nidhi reads the letter to Karan, Sameer, and Shrishti. She advises Sameer and Shrishti not to go. On the other hand, Preeta wakes up and worries for her baby. She rushes out to leave. A doctor probably bribed by Anjali finds Preeta leaving her ward. Preeta wants to go and get her baby back from Anjali. The doctor attacks Preeta and faints her. He takes her in a wheelchair. Is Preeta kidnapped? Is this fight sequence the climax of this season and brings the end of Karan and Preeta? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2023 Written Update Huge twist:

Anjali asks Karan to come and meet her for an important talk. She promises to make him long to see his baby if he does anything wrong. Karan tells that he will behave well with her. He begs her to not do anything to his baby. Anjali likes it. She tells that Nidhi is doing good to get Karan to her. She asks them to come and meet the baby personally. She asks Karan not to worry, she will take care of his baby. She tells that she has called a nurse to take care of the baby well. She asks Karan not to get late and come fast to meet them. Karan gets angry and wants to kill her. Sameer and Shrishti follow Karan’s car. They wish that the baby stays fine. He asks her to relax.

Karan asks Mahesh and everyone to leave her alone and go away. Mahesh and Rishabh tell them that they won’t leave her alone. She regrets that they are scolding her. Kareena asks her not to feel bad, everyone loves her, and they are tensed for her. Rakhi worries for Preeta, who has lost her baby. She wants to go to Preeta. Bani asks her to take a rest. Rakhi tells that she wants to see Preeta once. Bani understands her emotions. Rakhi apologizes to her. She loves Preeta a lot. She tells that Preeta is not conscious. She wants to see Preeta and know if she is okay. She doesn’t know what happened to their family all of a sudden.

Preeta thinks of her babies. Rakhi comes to check on her. She finds Preeta disturbed in sleep. She apologizes that they didn’t believe Preeta. She tells that a mother knows everything about her babies, Preeta knew about her babies falling in danger, but they misunderstood her. She gets angry at herself that she allowed the doctor to give the sleeping medicine to Preeta. She feels sorry. She promises that she won’t let anything happen to Preeta’s baby. Preeta gets restless in sleep. She asks about her babies. Rakhi tells that the babies are fine. She calls the doctor and asks her to check on Preeta.

Rakhi says Anjali has taken the baby, but Karan will get the baby back. Preeta gets anxious. Nidhi asks Karan to stop the car and talk to her. She pulls the handbrakes. She asks Karan to talk to her once. Karan asks her did she go mad to stop the car. She tells that they need a plan of action to deal with Anjali. He says that they are going to meet Anjali. He finds Sameer and Shrishti following. He asks them what are they doing. Shrishti apologizes that she came to help him without informing him. Nidhi tells that they should inform the police because Anjali has become psychotic.

Anjali learns this because she is still connected to Nidhi by a spying device. Karan tells that Anjali can get to know their plan. Sameer doesn’t think she can know it. Anjali calls Karan and rebukes him for plotting against her. They get worried thinking about how did Anjali learn their plan. Anjali calls Nidhi the worst sister in the world. She says that she will change her location now, and if anything wrong happens with his baby, Nidhi will be responsible for it. Karan asks her not to do anything to his baby. Shrishti scolds Anjali. Karan asks Anjali to stay at the same place, he is coming to meet her.

Anjali yells at Nidhi. She tells that she got to know about their plans because Nidhi is bugged. Shrishti finds the microphone bug and shows them. Anjali tells that she got to know everything because of the bug. She asks them to call the police if they want. She tells that she is leaving the farmhouse. She asks them to not involve the police if they want to meet her. Karan grows worried. Anjali recalls fixing a spy bug at Nidhi’s back. Karan tells that they can’t involve the police and risk the baby’s life. He decides to go to the farmhouse. Anjali goes mad in anger.

Rakhi cries telling Bani that Preeta isn’t fine, and she is still worried for the babies. Rakhi tells that Preeta is feeling everything even when she isn’t conscious. The family cries. Rakhi tells that Preeta is dying for her babies. Kritika tells that Anjali took one baby and they have the other one with them. Rakhi asks her to go and get the baby to them. She gets afraid for Preeta. She recalls how Preeta was warning them to handle her babies. She feels guilty that she didn’t trust Preeta. Kareena prays for Preeta that she comes home with both her babies.

Bani asks them to have belief, everything will get okay and Preeta will come home happy. On the other hand, Preeta feels restless about her babies. She remembers Rakhi’s words. She gets conscious. She finds the cradle empty. She cries for her babies. She runs out of the ward and looks for her babies. A doctor attacks her and kidnaps her on Anjali’s orders. He takes Preeta to Anjali’s place. Karan, Nidhi, Sameer, and Shrishti reach the farmhouse. They look for Anjali. They don’t find Anjali and the baby. Karan asks where did Anjali go. Nidhi tells that Anjali has run away. She suspects that someone is helping Anjali.


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