Anupama 10th March 2023 Written Update Maya flees

Anupama 10th March 2023 Written Update Maya flees

Anupama 10th March 2023 Written Update Maya flees Anuj and Anupama comes home from Mumbai Anu shares the exciting trip details with the family. She tells that she has enjoyed the day with her friends at the orphanage. Anuj tells that they enjoyed a lot, much more than the picnic day. Anu hugs Maya and asks her to come with her. Maya tells that she missed her a lot. Maya spends time with Anu. She asks Anupama if they had gone to gather proof against her. Anupama corrects her that she isn’t so important. She tells that she would have found out about Maya many times before if she wanted. Maya apologizes. Anupama tells that Maya should learn to trust. Anuj tells that they have dinner plans.

Maya tells them that she couldn’t get a flight. She asks if she should go to the hotel. Anupama asks her to stay back. Maya asks Anu to tell her everything about the trip. Anuj and Anupama are worried thinking of Maya’s next move. Anupama tells that Maya shouldn’t take Anu along. The Shah family members get ready to attend Anupama’s birthday party. Pakhi tells that Anuj has invited them. Hasmukh tells that they didn’t invite elders, because they want peace. Kavya says they would have called elders if they showed manners and understanding.


Paritosh tells that even he is invited and wants to go. Leela tells that Anupama didn’t invite them on purpose. Hasmukh calls it the right decision. He tells that Leela and Vanraj are the spoilers of every function. The family members reach the academy to celebrate Anupama’s birthday. Anuj welcomes Anupama. They both give a rocking dance performance. Anupama meets the family. Kavya calls Anupama the best mother. Anuj tells Kavya that he doesn’t want any drama or any negative vibe.

Kavya wishes Anupama and asks her to stay happy. She says she was feeling guilty about making a mistake by telling them about Maya. She is glad that everything is okay. Pakhi tells that she has made a cake for Anupama. Anupama gives credit to Adhik for making Pakhi better. She tells that it’s the best cake because it’s made with love. Anupama asks all of them to come for the cake-cutting. Anuj tells that they will need a sword to hold and cut the cake together. Anirudh surprises them by joining the party. Kavya introduces him as her friend. Anirudh tells Anupama that he respects her a lot, and she is like a sister to him.

He apologizes for coming uninvited. Kavya tells that she invited Anirudh. Anuj tells that it’s not a problem. Anuj and Anupama cut the cake. They celebrate with Anu and Shah family. Anuj tells Anupama that Anirudh is in love with Kavya, and it’s quite evident. He asks if Kavya and Vanraj’s issues got high. Anupama also thinks so. She tells that Kavya is tolerating a lot. He tells that Vanraj lacks maturity and understanding. Anupama wishes that things get fine between Vanraj and Kavya.

They find Anu tired. They tell that they will go home. Anu wants to enjoy the party. Anuj tells that they will party again. Anupama gets scared of losing Anuj. She tells Anu that she loves her a lot. Anuj takes Anu home. Anu asks Anuj to go back to the academy. She tells that she is a big girl and can sleep on her own. Anuj tells that he will put her to sleep. Maya tells that she is Anu’s mother and that she will put Anu to sleep. Anu asks Anuj to go to Anupama. Anuj asks Maya to take care of Anu. He goes back to Anupama. He tells that Maya has taken Anu to her room. She asks if Maya told her anything about her decision.

Anuj tells that he didn’t think of it and ask her. Anuj cheers her up and doesn’t want her to worry. Maya sheds tears and manipulates Anu. She tells that she is leaving the house forever. Anu asks her to keep her promise and stay back. Maya tells her that Anuj and Anupama love her, but she loves her even more. She cries that she has nobody in her life. She tells Anu that Anupama couldn’t go to her children because of Anu, and Anuj often scolded her. She adds that Anu has become a reason for the fight between Anuj and Anupama. She feels sorry to manipulate her and take her along. Anuj and Anupama learn that Maya has taken their Anu very far from them.

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