Imlie 10th March 2023 Written Update Chini’s madness

Imlie 10th March 2023 Written Update Chini's madness

Imlie 10th March 2023 Written Update Chini’s madness Sundar asks Imlie to realize her love for Atharv. Atharv feels Imlie confessed love for him just to compel Chini to accept the truth. He calls it a part of the plan. Rupali tells Imlie that Atharv has changed, and she should give him one chance at least. Atharv’s mom asks him to say the truth to Imlie. Atharv tells that he doesn’t want to regret all his life by doing anything against Imlie’s wish. He wants Imlie to stay happy. He tells that he will do what Imlie wants. Chini packs her bags. Imlie apologizes to her. She also warns Chini that the latter can never cause any harm to her. Chini finds a big change in Imlie.

Atharv reaches there and finds Imlie and Chini in the middle of an argument. Imlie asks Chini to return her dupatta. She doesn’t want to give any of her belonging to Chini. Atharv recalls Imlie and his dupatta moment. He regrets that he couldn’t see the truth. He goes to apologize to Imlie. He tells that he wants to tell her everything. He confesses his love to Imlie. He tells that he loved the poems that she had written. He has always loved her, she is the one who inspired him and became his strength.


He tells that Chini came between them deliberately. He wants to give all his time to Imlie. He calls her his best friend and his love. He tells that he wants to give them a chance in their relationship. He doesn’t want to force her. He asks her to stay back and give him happiness. Imlie decides to stay back. She asks Chini to leave. Atharv gets glad. He asks her to say the truth. He wants to hear it from her. Imlie tells that she also wants to give their marriage a chance. He thanks her. They send off Chini.

Atharv and Imlie return to their room. They have some awkward moments. He grows tense. He tells that he can’t believe it, she didn’t leave him and go away. Atharv and Imlie unite. He asks her why did she stay back for an idiot. She tells that he knows the reason already. He wants to hear her feelings once. She says I love you to him, and surprises him. Their moment gets interrupted by some sudden smoke entering the room. She opens the window. She doesn’t find Atharv anywhere. She goes out to find Atharv. She calls out the family members. She finds things broken. She doesn’t find any of the family members.

She realizes that someone has kidnapped the entire family. She wonders how is this possible. She turns angry that Chini has snatched her family. She wants to prove to Chini that the latter can’t cause any harm. Chini gets everyone kidnapped. She meets the family and threatens them. She tells Atharv that she loves him and she will marry him by hook or crook. She asks Rana to bless her. Rana asks her to stop her madness. Atharv asks Chini did she lose her mind.

She tells that she is keeping her promise and putting effort into making a relationship with him. He refuses to marry her. She suggests that their marriage will happen. She asks him to remember that he doesn’t love Imlie, but her. He calls it his stupidity to believe Chini. She tells that they won’t have any discussion now, but get married. Imlie reaches here to save Atharv and their family. Atharv and Imlie will get re-married after tackling Chini.


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