Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update Anjali’s arrest

Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update Anjali's arrest

Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update Anjali’s arrest Nidhi and Shrishti scold Anjali for loving Karan and wishing to marry him, knowing that he is married to Preeta. Shrishti tells that Anjali should be ashamed, she had stolen a newborn and used him to threaten Karan. She slaps Anjali. Inspector asks Shrishti not to take the law into her hands. Shrishti tells that Anjali deserves a hundred slaps. She thanks Nidhi for help. She warns Anjali against harming her family again. She tells that she will break Anjali’s limbs if she dares to touch the babies again. She yells at Anjali.

Anjali asks Nidhi why did she backstab her. Shrishti asks her to do something that people like her. Anjali shouts at the inspector and asks him to take her to the police station. She hates to hear Shrishti’s lecture. Inspector asks the constable to put Anjali and Priyanka in the police van. Anjali and Priyanka get arrested. Nidhi meets Anjali and tells her that she deserved this. Anjali asks Nidhi to bail her out. Nidhi refuses. Anjali refuses to apologize for her actions. Constable takes Anjali to the cell.


She scolds Anjali for having so much attitude. She tells that Anjali should have said sorry to Nidhi, who would have saved her from jail. Anjali asks her not to lecture her. Constable asks her to get rotten in jail. She asks her not to shout at her, because she isn’t Anjali’s slave. Priyanka overhears this and asks Anjali why didn’t she say sorry when a sorry could have got their freedom. Anjali says that she will not say sorry to anyone. Priyanka asks did she lose her mind.

Anjali says that it’s not her mistake and she isn’t sorry, Nidhi backstabbed her and should say sorry. Priyanka calls her a fool. She says that Anjali should also say sorry to Nidhi and her. Anjali asks how she dare say this. She hurts Priyanka and threatens of killing her. Priyanka regrets believing her and standing by her. Constable asks them to stop their catfight. The lady in the cell asks Anjali to not say sorry if she doesn’t want to say it. She tells that she can help Anjali but for a hefty price. She adds that she can help Anjali escape.

Anjali asks Preeta to see what all she is tolerating because of her. She splashes water over Preeta’s face. Preeta gets conscious. She asks Anjali where are her babies. She finds herself tied and cries. Anjali pities her and asks her to cry. Preeta sees her baby with Priyanka. She asks Priyanka to give her baby to her. She begs them for her baby. Anjali asks her to stop making noise. She tells that it’s her marriage with Karan today. Preeta gets mad at her. Anjali asks her did she gets a shock. She tells that it’s her marriage happening today. Preeta tells that Karan will never love Anjali.

Anjali tells that love will develop between them after marriage. The goon gets a pandit. Preeta asks pandit not to get Anjali married to Karan. She tells that Karan is her husband, and Anjali is so evil that she kidnapped her baby. Pandit worries. Anjali slaps her. Karan looks for Anjali’s henchman. Shambu and the goons reach Karan to pick him up and take him to the new location. They check Karan and blindfold him. Shrishti shifts into the goon’s car and hides in time. The goon sees Shrishti and catches her too.

They take Karan and Shrishti to Anjali. Karan worries for Shrishti. Pandit refuses to get Anjali married. Anjali threatens of killing him. Preeta asks Anjali not to get mad and return her baby. Anjali tells that she will become someone’s wife and someone’s mum, then she will get all the good feelings in her. Preeta tells that Anjali will regret it a lot. Anjali expresses her joy to see Preeta crying. Shambu gets Karan there. Karan is shocked to see Preeta there. Preeta asks him to save their baby. Karan asks Anjali did she get mad. Goons bring an unconscious Shrishti. Anjali tells that the pandit is here to get them married.

She asks him how she look. He tells that she looks the worst because she is a bad person. Shambu threatens him and points the gun at him. Preeta asks Karan to save their baby. Anjali asks Karan to marry him and take Preeta and his child along. Kareena tells that Anjali should have died. Rakhi tells that Karan will get Preeta and the baby. Rishabh asks them to have faith, they had lost Karan, but then they got Karan back, Karan has married Preeta and things go fine, he will again overcome the troubles. Rakhi agrees and gets hope. Kavya asks them about her brother.

Rakhi tells that her brother went to play and he will come back soon. Mahesh asks Kavya to go and play with her other brother. Kavya tells that she will play with her brother and get the best toys for him. Kritika asks her to play games with her. Kavya sees the police constable and asks about his presence. Rishabh lies to her. He tells that they will play with her. She tells that she will play with her toys. Karan asks Anjali did she go mad, he loves Preeta, he is Preeta’s husband and he is the father of three kids. Anjali tells that she loves him so much, his touch brought her out of the coma, she left his love and she got revived because of him. She adds that Preeta loved Rishabh. She feels she deserves Karan.

She tells that she loves Karan a lot and she can even share Karan with her, and she will not stop Karan from meeting the kids. Karan pushes her away and rushes to free Preeta. Anjali takes the baby and threatens to put him into the havan. She asks Karan to marry her or lose his child. He asks her to keep the baby away from fire. He agrees to do as she wants.

She tells that finally, they are going to get married. She compels Karan and Preeta to sign the divorce papers. Preeta signs the papers. Karan tells that the pen isn’t working. Anjali asks him to marry her, and they can do the formalities later. She asks him to please sit. Preeta sheds tears. Shrishti gets conscious. She goes to Preeta and frees her from the ropes. Preeta gets up to stop the wedding. Karan takes the sindoor to fill Anjali’s hairline. Karan refuses, but Anjali compels him. Preeta slaps Anjali and scolds her.

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