Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update News for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update News for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update News for Prachi Khushi calls up Prachi and cries. Prachi feels her pain. She asks the reason for her cry. Khushi tells that Laali and her lover have beaten up Ranbir, they had called some goons home and got Ranbir attacked. Prachi grows worried knowing that Ranbir got hurt. She asks Khushi where Ranbir is at present. Khushi tells her that the goons have taken Ranbir to the police station to frame him with the wrong charges.

She asks Prachi to come and save Ranbir from the police. Prachi promises Khushi that she will come and save Ranbir from the wrongful arrest. Khushi waits for Prachi. Prachi rushes to save Ranbir. She informs Dadi about Ranbir’s arrest. She knew that Laali isn’t the right person to raise Khushi. Dadi advises Prachi not to go to help Ranbir. Prachi asks what is she saying, Ranbir is arrested for no fault, and she will go to help him. Dadi asks her not to go anywhere. Prachi gets puzzled when Dadi gets adamant and stops her from helping Ranbir.


On the other hand, Akshay’s new side will be seen in the coming episodes. Ashok fears Akshay’s growing temper and his inability to handle it. Akshay gets raging when he thinks of Prachi’s rejection. He also keeps hopes that she will accept him one day, and is glad that Ranbir’s prediction is soothing at least. He remembers Ranbir’s words and thinks to propose Prachi once again.


Meet has won the wrestling match against Manmeet. She gets hurt in the wrestling match. He tells that he will apply the ointment to her. She asks him if he is pitying her. He asks her to let him check her foot once, maybe it’s a fracture or sprain. She feels much pain and screams. He gets the ointment and applies it to her. Manmeet feels bad. He didn’t wish to fight her and hurt her, but he was pushed to fight her. He understands her pain. They both get into a moment. He is impressed with Meet. She wants to get women’s rights for the villager’s women. He speaks to Shagun on a video call. Meet and Manmeet gets into a cute argument.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update News for Prachi:

Khushi asks the goons to leave Ranbir. She shouts. Ranbir asks her to go out. The goons beat Ranbir. She tells that she will beat them if she gets angry. She beats the goons with her little hands. She assists Ranbir in the fight. Laali takes Khushi with her. Ranbir gets bashed up. Khushi doesn’t know what to do. She runs to a neighbor and asks her to call the police. She tells that Balbeer is beating her Shiv. The neighbor calls the police. Khushi gives the address and asks the inspector to come quickly to stop the fight. Khushi runs back to her home. She tells Laali that the police are coming.

Laali asks Balbeer not to get caught by the police. She tells that he will not spare Ranbir. Khushi plays the police siren on the phone. She says that the police are coming. The goons leave the house. Ranbir stops Balbeer from running and beats him. He asks Balbeer to apologize to Khushi. Laali asks Balbeer to say sorry and leave. Balbeer angrily apologizes to Khushi. He tells that he will not beat her next time. Laali also apologizes to Khushi. Ranbir tells that Balbeer can’t hurt her again. He hugs Khushi. The goons come back and tell that there are no police outside.

Laali goes out and checks the audio playing on the phone. She scolds Khushi. Ranbir calls Khushi smart. Police reach there. The inspector arrests the goons and Ranbir also. Laali defends Balbeer. Khushi tells that she has called him to get help for Ranbir. Inspector tells that he will talk to them at the police station. Ranbir asks her not to worry, they will not keep him in jail when he isn’t wrong, and he will go there and file a complaint against Balbeer. He asks her not to cry, and wait for him. He says that he will be back soon. Ranbir also leaves with the police. Laali goes to help Balbeer. Prachi gets Khushi’s call. Khushi cries and asks her to help her. Prachi asks about the matter.

She gets worried. She asks Khushi to calm down and stop crying, then tell the matter to her. She tells that she will come to meet her. She asks Khushi not to get scared. She tells that she will count to 3 and then Khushi should take a deep breath. She asks Khushi why is she crying. Khushi tells that Shiv/Ranbir came home, Laali and her lover have beaten Ranbir, the goons have beaten him a lot and then the police took him to the police station. Prachi asks her what did happen and how. Khushi asks her to come to the police station. Prachi agrees.

Khushi takes a neighbor’s help and goes to the police station. Prachi tells Dadi that Ranbir got into a fight with Balbeer and his friends, and the police arrested him. Dadi asks her not to go, and Ranbir would be arrested for doing wrong. Sahana tells that Ranbir’s anger is bad. Dadi asks Prachi not to go and save Ranbir. She tells that Prachi doesn’t show her feelings for Ranbir. She asks why is she restless for Ranbir. Prachi tells that she wants to go for Khushi’s sake. Dadi tells that she knows Prachi loves Ranbir. She asks Prachi not to go anywhere. She doesn’t want Prachi to undergo the same pain.

She asks Sahana to lock the door. Prachi asks Sahana not to do this. Dadi tells that she can’t see Prachi struggling in pain. Prachi imagines this. She lies to Dadi about her office work. She tells that she has urgent work and she has to go to attend the meeting. She asks Dadi not to worry if she gets late. Dadi asks her what is she doing. She tells that Prachi should leave her job. Prachi rushes to help Ranbir. Sahana understands that Prachi lied to them to go for some reason. She doesn’t know the reason. Ranbir asks the inspector to let him make a phone call.

He tells that Balbeer and his friends were drunk, and were fighting. He argues with the Inspector. He tells that he didn’t fight, but it was self defense. Inspector tells that he will find out in some time. Ranbir tells that he wants the three goons to get punished. Inspector asks him why didn’t he call him for help. Ranbir asks what is he saying, how would the goons allow him to make a call to the police. Inspector tells that he broke the law and he has to be here.

Laali and Balbeer go aside to talk. Ranbir tells that he will make a phone call. Inspector asks the constable to write a report. Balbeer tells Laali a plan to get saved from the police. They both argue. He says she should file a complaint against Ranbir, that he was beating Khushi and Balbeer was saving her. She asks why didn’t he see Khushi, she was crying for Ranbir like he is her real dad. He asks her to beat Khushi and scare her. She asks him to give her some time, and she will do something to help him.


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