Kundali Bhagya Anjali kills Nidhi Upcoming twist

Kundali Bhagya Anjali kills Nidhi Upcoming twist

Kundali Bhagya Anjali kills Nidhi Upcoming twist Anjali gets freed from jail. Nidhi is at her home. She gets scared when the power goes off. She calls the servant. She sees some shadows at the window. She is shocked to see Anjali coming. Anjali threatens Nidhi. She tells that she will kill her because Nidhi doesn’t deserve to live. She takes a knife and attacks Nidhi. Nidhi falls and asks Anjali not to do this. Anjali hurts her and bangs her head. Nidhi asks her what is she doing, and how can she forget that they are sisters. Anjali tells that she doesn’t want to remember any relations.

She goes ahead to kill Nidhi. Anjali stabs Nidhi with the knife. Nidhi falls wounded after failing to stop Anjali. Anjali asks Nidhi why didn’t she remember that they are sisters when Nidhi ruined her life. Nidhi manages to run away from there. She tries to save her life. Anjali tells that this time she will not spare Nidhi. She throws a rod at Nidhi’s head and stops her. Anjali learns that Karan and Preeta have kept their babies’ naming ceremony. She gets information about the function in Luthra’s house. She swears that she will not let them celebrate joy. She makes a deadly plan against Karan and Preeta. What will Anjali do next? Will Anjali kill Nidhi? Keep reading.


Meet 13th March 2023 Spoiler:

The villagers celebrate holi in style. Manmeet tells his dad that they will celebrate holi as they have planned. He plans a big twist in the holi. He makes a special thandai for Meet. He asks Meet to drink the thandai. He makes Meet drink it. Meet is seen as a cheerful and carefree girl, who has no tension from the enemies plotting against her. What is Manmeet upto?


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