Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir accused

Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir accused

Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir accused Ranbir is arrested by the police. He tries to file a complaint against Balbeer and his friends, who have beaten him when he tried to defend Khushi. Balbeer makes a plan to frame Ranbir for the crime. He asks Laali to threaten Khushi and force her to give a statement against Ranbir, which will make Ranbir and Khushi away forever. He tells Laali that he will never let Ranbir adopt Khushi. Laali goes to Khushi and asks her to lie to the police. Khushi refuses to lie. Laali asks her to just give two lines against Ranbir, that he had done everything, he had raised his hand at her and also initiated a fight with Balbeer and his friends.

Khushi calls it a lie. He tells her that Ranbir didn’t do anything, and they both know it. Laali hurts her and tells that whatever it is, truth or lie, Khushi has to say what she taught her. Khushi cries. Laali tells that she will leave her and throw her out of the house if she doesn’t support Balbeer. She asks Khushi to decide if she wants to get homeless for Ranbir’s sake. Khushi cries. Laali takes her to the inspector. She tells that Ranbir has beaten Khushi, and he is heartless. Ranbir is shocked by Laali’s blames. He asks Khushi to tell the truth. Balbeer and Laali smile after framing Ranbir.


Radha Mohan:

Radha tells that Mohan loves her, and his tears are proof of this. She tells that she has seen Mohan crying for her when she was admitted to the hospital. She taunts Damini for becoming her Sautan. She tells that she knows well, that Mohan and Damini have no relationship. Damini challenges that Mohan and she will have a relationship soon, and Mohan will break his marriage with Radha. She threatens Radha. Gungun scolds Mohan and tries to make him realize his mistake. Mohan regrets whatever happened. He explains his stand to Gungun. He promises that he will never do this again. He makes an apology. Gungun asks him to realize that Radha wasn’t wrong and that she never lies. Mohan understands this.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir accused:

Laali calls up Khushi and asks her to come to the police station. Khushi cries that Laali is scolding her. The lady asks Khushi not to tell Laali that she got her to the police station. Khushi agrees with her. She worriedly tells Laali that she is outside the police station. Laali asks her to stay there until she comes. She threatens to break her limbs. She asks the constable to let her go. She rushes to meet Khushi. Khushi is tense about Ranbir. Laali asks her did she go mad. She tells that Ranbir got home because of Khushi. She asks her why did she tell the family problems to Ranbir.

She tells that Balbeer is in jail. She cries and accuses Khushi of making her cry. She asks Khushi not to do this. She pretends to curse herself. Khushi hugs and consoles her. Laali tells that she loves Khushi a lot. She asks Khushi why did she call the police. She tells that they are each other’s support, and Balbeer is their support. She asks Khushi to tell the police that Balbeer didn’t do anything. She further asks her to blame Ranbir for beating her. She tells that she should blame Ranbir and prove Balbeer innocent. Khushi tells that it’s a lie and she will not lie about Ranbir.

Laali asks her just to say that Ranbir did everything. Khushi says that it’s a lie, Ranbir just wanted to make Balbeer apologize to her. Laali asks her to lie to the police. She threatens of abandoning Khushi. She tells that the goons will steal Khushi and make her beg on the roads by cutting her hands. She rebukes Khushi. She asks her to just say as she is told. Ranbir asks Inspector if he can make a phone call. He gets permission and goes to make a call. He calls home. Pallavi and Dida don’t answer the call on the landline. They miss the call. Ranbir calls them once again.

Pallavi keeps the receiver aside. Ranbir thinks the landline is of no use. Laali asks Inspector to listen to her daughter, Ranbir has beaten her. Khushi cries. Ranbir worries and looks at Khushi. He finds her helpless. Laali and Balbeer have evil grins on their face. Ranbir understands that they have forced Khushi. Dida asks Pallavi about Ranbir. Pallavi is worried about the call on the landline. She feels strange. Dida asks her to stop overthinking. Ranbir asks Khushi not to cry. Balbeer asks him not to talk to his daughter. Ranbir asks him not to come between them.

They both argue in front of the inspector. Balbeer provokes Inspector and asks him to arrest Ranbir. Khushi tells that Ranbir didn’t beat her, Balbeer has beaten her and that’s the truth. She cries and tells the truth to expose Balbeer. Laali asks her to say the truth, that Ranbir has beaten her. Khushi says that Balbeer has hurt her. Balbeer gets angered. Ranbir stops him and defends Khushi. Inspector asks them to stop the drama. He puts them into the cell. Ranbir asks her to go home and call his family. He asks her not to worry about him. Laali pulls Khushi and scolds her. She asks why did she not state in Balbeer’s favor. She loses her cool. She asks her to change the statement. Khushi refuses to lie.

Laali tells that she has raised her to not make her disobedient. She asks Khushi to get out, she will not keep her in her house. She counts her favors on Khushi. She asks Khushi to stay on the roads and die of hunger. Khushi asks her not to abandon her. She runs after Laali. She begs Laali to take her home. Laali asks her to change her statement and blame Ranbir. She asks her to get Balbeer freed from the police. Prachi reaches there. She finds Khushi fallen on the road. She runs to Khushi. She asks her why is she crying. She hugs Khushi and consoles her. She tells that she will solve the problem. Khushi tells that Ranbir is in jail. She asks her to help Ranbir and bring him out. Prachi tells that they both will go and help Ranbir.


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