Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update News for Akshay

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update News for Akshay

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update News for Akshay Khushi asks Prachi why didn’t she tell her before. Prachi asks what did she not say. Khushi tells that Prachi didn’t tell her that Prachi is Ranbir’s wife. Prachi tries to clarify. Khushi realizes that even Ranbir didn’t tell her that Prachi is his wife. She asks the reason that they both chose to keep this truth from her and keep it a secret. She gets upset and tells that she will ask Shiv when he comes out of the lockup. She tells that she loves them and they should have told her the truth. She shows her anger with all the rights. Prachi is glad to see Khushi showing her rights as a daughter.

Khushi tells that Prachi and Ranbir are like Shiv and Parvati to her, and she will unite them. She wants them to stay together when they are a couple. Ranbir gets freed. He learns that Prachi has helped him by giving a guarantee to the police as his wife. He is grateful to her. He pacifies a worried Khushi. He asks Khushi not to take stress about him.


Ranbir, Prachi, and Khushi leave the police station when Akshay arrives there to help Prachi. Akshay isn’t aware of the matter. He meets the inspector and asks about Prachi. Inspector tells him that Prachi had come to help her husband Ranbir Kohli. He adds that she has signed as a guarantor for Ranbir and taken him along. Akshay is very much shocked to know that Ranbir is Prachi’s husband. He least expected this. He realizes the awkward moments between Ranbir and Prachi. He doesn’t want Ranbir to get back into her life. What will Akshay do when he also loves Prachi and wants her in his life? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update News for Akshay:

Prachi tells Inspector that Ranbir has done everything for Khushi, he wasn’t drunk like others, and he couldn’t see wrong happening with Khushi. She tells that he has done the right thing to raise a voice against the truth. She adds that Ranbir is a nice guy and he loves Khushi a lot. She defends Ranbir. Constable hears her and tells that if a wife is angry and still praises her husband, it means the man is a gem at heart. Prachi asks the inspector to leave Ranbir free. Constable asks Inspector to believe Prachi and free Ranbir.

Inspector tells that his wife calls him a thief when she gets angry. He believes Prachi. Prachi signs as Ranbir’s guarantor. Inspector frees Ranbir. Constable asks Ranbir to go, he is free. Ranbir thanks him. He thinks Khushi has called his family for help. Prachi asks Khushi what’s the matter. Khushi asks why didn’t she tell her before that she is Ranbir’s wife. She says that even Ranbir didn’t tell her he is Prachi’s husband. She asks why wasn’t she at Kohli’s house that day. Prachi tells that she wasn’t there. She asks her to know that she has fulfilled her promise.

She requests Khushi to not tell Ranbir that she has signed as a guarantor. Khushi asks the reason. Prachi tells that Khushi didn’t see Ranbir in her house because they don’t stay together. She tells her that she isn’t his wife now. Khushi asks her is she not his wife. Prachi tells that she has just signed here as Ranbir’s wife to free him from jail. Khushi asks if she has done this to free him when his family isn’t around. Prachi lies to her. She asks Khushi to not tell anything to Ranbir. Khushi tells that she doesn’t lie. Prachi asks her just to hide the secret. Khushi agrees.

Ranbir asks the constable if his family has come to help him. He asks where his family is. Constable tells that his family is there. He sees Prachi and Khushi smiling. He smiles seeing them. Inspector tells that he is free to go. Ranbir thanks him. Khushi runs and hugs him. Ranbir asks her is she okay. She tells that she is okay now. He asks her why did she befriend Prachi. Khushi tells that Prachi is very sweet and lovely. Inspector asks Ranbir to sign the papers. Prachi tells that she will drop her home. Khushi asks her to drop Ranbir at his place. Prachi agrees. Khushi thanks the inspector.

She names Ranbir as Bakhlu, and reminds him of Prachi. Ranbir smiles happily. She asks if he felt bad. She apologizes. He tells that his loved one used to call him Bakhlu. She asks him if he loves her too. He calls her his little girl and takes her. She tells that they will go with Prachi. He refuses to go with Prachi. She asks him to come for his sake. He agrees. Prachi asks Ranbir to sit in the backseat. Ranbir knows she is irritating at times. Khushi finds his hand wounded. Prachi tells that he got into a fight, so he got hurt and arrested. He asks why did she come to free him if she is so against him.

Khushi asks them to talk directly. They both refuse to talk to each other. Khushi asks Prachi if she has a first aid kit. Prachi gives her the box. Akshay reaches there and doesn’t see Prachi’s car. He rushes inside the police station. Khushi goes to Ranbir to aid him with his wound. She finds them staring at each other, and asks the reason. She does the aid to his hand. Prachi feels hurt too. Akshay asks the Inspector about Prachi. Inspector tells that he didn’t arrest Prachi. Akshay asks if Prachi came there, she had called him and informed him that she is at the police station.

He asks Inspector if Prachi had come there or not. Inspector tells that Prachi had come, she has a nice lady and even her husband is good. Akshay asks about her husband. Inspector tells that Ranbir Kohli got involved in a fight, and Prachi came to sign as his guarantor. Akshay is shocked to know that Ranbir is Prachi’s husband. Prachi tells that she will do aid to Ranbir’s hand. Khushi likes to see them together. Prachi cares for Ranbir. Khushi tells that they were fighting and now they are calm as friends. Ranbir and Prachi share a moment. He tells her that she didn’t change. She tells that even he is the same. He recalls his caring Prachi. Ashok looks for Akshay. He grows worried.

Akshay recalls Ranbir and Prachi. Inspector tells him that Prachi told her about Ranbir, he is a nice man, they had a fight and she got separated from him in anger, but if she praised her husband in anger, then it means he is really a nice man. Akshay recalls Prachi’s refusal to his marriage proposal. He leaves the police station. He is stunned to see Ranbir and Prachi there. He didn’t know that Ranbir is Prachi’s past, who she couldn’t forget. He finds her caring for Ranbir.

He wants to know if she has feelings for Ranbir. He thinks Ranbir was happy when he said he likes Prachi, maybe Ranbir has forgotten her and moved on. He feels Prachi’s pain that she is still caring for Ranbir because she couldn’t move on till now. He drops the ring. Ranbir hears the sound and turns to see. He sees Akshay and greets. Prachi asks Akshay why did he come here. Akshay tells that he has come to help her, but he thinks she doesn’t need his help now. He collides with Khushi and asks her if she is okay. Ranbir and Prachi care for Khushi. They tell Akshay that Khushi is their daughter.

They correct themselves and tell that Khushi is like their daughter. Akshay tells that he understood it. Ranbir tells Prachi that she can leave his hand now because he is okay. Prachi tells that she has already left him because he compelled her to leave him. Akshay goes away and sheds tears. Ashok calls him repeatedly to know where did he go. He asks Akshay where is he. Akshay tells that he is finding something which he didn’t get. Ashok asks about the matter. Akshay tells that Prachi’s past can come to the fore, Ranbir is Prachi’s husband. Ashok recalls Ranbir. Ashok asks how can someone leave a nice girl like Prachi.

Akshay tells that Ranbir and Prachi aren’t separated till now. He doesn’t know why he gets heartbroken always. He feels depressed. He tells that he wanted a sibling, and he lost his mum and also his sibling. He feels unlucky to lose everything he loves. He tells that he proposed to his girlfriend, who met with an accident and passed away. Ashok worries for him. Akshay tells that he is okay and he will come home soon. Khushi goes to Akshay and wipes his tears. She asks the reason. Akshay asks who is she.

Khushi tells that she is Khushi, Prachi is like her mumma and Ranbir is like her dad, they both love her a lot. Akshay tells that they both are really nice, and they are a good pair. Khushi asks him if he thinks they are husband and wife. He tells that he got to know this from the inspector. She tells that she also got fooled, but it’s not true, they aren’t married. She confuses Akshay and gives him false hope.


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