Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update Big Leap

Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update Big Leap

Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update Big Leap Rakhi, Bani, and Kareena blame Preeta for putting Karan and the babies into danger by getting so adamant to go out of the house against their wish. Rakhi asks Preeta what would have happened if she had waited for one day and taken the babies for vaccination. Preeta had her reasons, but Rakhi had her own beliefs. Rakhi feels Preeta has ruined the entire family by snatching their Karan. The family is also in grief that they lost one of the babies. They cry that they lost their Rudraksh. Rakhi emotionally folds her hands and pleads with Preeta. She asks Preeta to forgive her family if they have made any mistakes.

She tells that she is saying sorry on their behalf. She asks Preeta to forgive them, but not take revenge. She then asks Preeta to leave their house and lives forever. Preeta is shattered. Shrishti can’t see her sister tortured. She takes a stand for Preeta and faces Kareena’s wrath. Shrishti also decides to leave the family if they oust Preeta. Sameer holds Shrishti’s hand and asks her what about them if Luthras and Aroras are different families. She tells that she doesn’t know about Luthras and Aroras, but from now, her paths are different. She feels much pain in breaking their relationship.


Rishabh grows worried for Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta gets pushed away by Rakhi. She rushes to the care unit and tries to get her baby. She asks Kareena to give her baby to her. Kareena warns her against touching Shaurya. She says that she will not give Shaurya to Preeta. She adds that Shaurya will live with them in the Luthra house. Preeta is in tears. She is thrown out of their lives. Preeta and Shrishti leave the hospital. Preeta goes in search of Rudraksh. Preeta will fight Anjali and get Rudraksh back from him. She will be seen making a new start with her son Rudraksh, who she names Rajveer after her separation from Karan and Luthras. Do you think Rishabh should support Preeta? Keep reading for a quick written update coming shortly. Share this post if you like to read more of Kundali Bhagya.

Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update Big Leap LIVE UPDATE:

Rakhi asks Preeta did she see the result of her actions. She tells that her children are suffering. Preeta asks her what happened to Karan. She asks if Karan is okay. Kareena scolds her for not listening to them and going out of the house on the day of the eclipse. She tells that this happened with Karan because of her. Preeta admits that she has done wrong. She asks them to tell her about Karan. She runs to Rishabh and asks him about Karan. Rishabh tells that he feels she is at fault for the first time because she should have agreed to the family and not gone against them.

Mahesh tells that it’s the first time that he regrets his trust in her. Preeta asks them to tell her about Karan. Rakhi tells that Karan is in a coma and Rudraksh is missing. She tells that they don’t know about Rudraksh. Preeta is in shock. She asks them to call it a lie. Bani and Kareena ask Preeta to leave from their lives. They blame Preeta for Karan’s condition. Preeta tells that nothing can happen to her husband and child. Rakhi tells that everything happened because of Preeta.

She adds that this would have not happened if Preeta listened to her. She tells that Karan is in a coma, Rudra is lost and Shaurya is unwell. Kritika asks Preeta to leave. Kareena asks Preeta to get lost. Rakhi asks Preeta to spare them. Preeta asks where will she go after leaving her family. She asks Mahesh to tell them that she is also in pain. Mahesh tells that he understands her pain, but the entire family is in pain because of her, she can’t be right always. Kareena tells that Karan is again fighting with death because of Preeta. She asks Preeta if she wants to take revenge on Karan.

She tells that Preeta couldn’t become a good wife and good bahu. She pushes Preeta and asks her to leave. Rakhi faints at the same time. Everyone attends Rakhi, and nobody cares for Preeta. Preeta rushes to see her baby. She hugs Shaurya and cries. She apologizes for leaving him. She tells that she will not leave him again. She tells that she will go and get Rudra. Kareena snatches Shaurya from her. She tells that Shaurya will not go anywhere. Shrishti comes there and is shocked to know that Luthras have broken Preeta’s heart. Sameer tells that his family isn’t wrong, Preeta is wrong this time.

She asks her not to defend his family. She tells that Preeta has done a lot for the family. She didn’t believe that Rishabh will not support Preeta. She reminds that he was Preeta’s best friend, he had spent five years with her as a friend, and today he left her. She expected him to understand Preeta. She is hurt that Rishabh didn’t support Preeta. She asks Mahesh why did he not support Preeta when he regarded her as a daughter. She tells him that Preeta helped him recover when he lost his memory.

She asks why didn’t he support Preeta when she needed her the most. She gets emotional and confronts him for backing off. She asks Rakhi who always claimed that Preeta is her daughter. She tells that she didn’t expect this from Rakhi. She asks Rakhi to remember that they are his daughters. She is upset that a mother has left her daughter today. Bani asks her to stop seeing their mistakes. She says that Preeta has killed Karan, she has turned him into a living dead, Karan is in a coma, and Rakhi is in pain because of Karan’s condition.

She tells that they had lost Karan once and they can’t lose him once again. Kritika tells that Karan is her brother. She doesn’t want to lose him. She asks Shrishti why did Preeta go out when Rakhi and Kareena stopped her. She calls it wrong. Rakhi tells that they all are worried, but Preeta is also worried for her babies. She feels she made a big mistake. She tells Shrishti that she had scolded Preeta a lot. She regrets her words. She tells that Preeta is her daughter and she won’t let Preeta go anywhere. She runs to find Preeta. Sameer tells Shrishti that it’s Preeta’s mistake.

Rishabh asks him to stop it. Preeta tells Kareena that she is going to find Rudra. Kareena doesn’t believe her. She tells that she doesn’t want to see Preeta’s face. She criticizes Preeta who has lost one child and wants to give the other child to her foolish sister. She tells that Shaurya won’t go anywhere. Preeta asks her to give Shaurya. Kareena tells that she doesn’t trust her. She adds that Shaurya will stay with them in the Luthra house. She asks her to go and find Rudra if she has any guilt. She tells that she might get a chance to become a mother if she can find Rudra.

Shrishti and Sameer lose their cool when they argue. Sameer calls it Preeta’s mistake. Shrishti asks him to stop shouting at her. She tells that Preeta isn’t wrong, she was taking the babies for vaccination, and she didn’t dream of the bad happening. She asks him how can he change his side. She expects him to trust her and her sister. She insults him in anger. She tells that whenever Aroras needed the help of Luthras, nobody came forward to help. She tells that Preeta has done a lot for them, she has sacrificed her happiness for them, but they always stand against Preeta.

She tells that Luthras and Aroras can never unite. She breaks up with Sameer. Rishabh asks her whether she went mad, everyone loves her and they can’t lose her. He tells that they love Preeta and they are hurt to scold her. He asks Shrishti to realize Sameer’s love. He asks her to see Mahesh and Rakhi. Mahesh asks her how can she say that. She tells that she is sorry, but she is against those who are against Preeta. Rishabh tells that they aren’t against Preeta. She tells that they have kicked out Preeta from their lives, and she will not stay back with Sameer. Rishabh and Mahesh ask her to stop.

Sameer asks them to let Shrishti go away. Kritika consoles him. Rakhi asks Kareena about Preeta. Kareena tells that Preeta had come to meet Shaurya, but she left. Rakhi asks where is Preeta. Preeta tells that she will go and find her baby. She recalls Karan’s last words about Anjali. She drives from the hospital to find her baby. She goes to the accident spot. She sheds tears for Rudra.

Preeta reaches the accident spot and checks the car. She looks for Rudra. She shouts Rudra’s name. Anjali shouts to get her attention. Preeta sees Anjali there. She asks her if she has done the accident. Anjali admits that she had planned the accident to kill Preeta. She vents her anger on Preeta. She says that Karan is dead. Preeta tells that Karan is alive. Anjali tells that Karan is in a coma, he is lifeless, and he can’t feel anything now. She adds that like Preeta snatched her Arjun, she has snatched her Karan. She doesn’t feel good. She tells that she wants the same feeling as a mother.

She adds that she is taking Rudra with her. Preeta asks her to stop. Anjali runs away. Preeta follows her. She asks Anjali to give the baby to her. Preeta begs her to return the baby. They fight. Preeta bites her hand and manages to get Rudraksh from her. She runs away. Anjali tells that she will kill both of them. She drives the car to knock down Preeta and Rudra. She speeds the car. Preeta runs on the road. Anjali hits Preeta. She doesn’t realize that the speeding car is moving towards the cliff. Preeta carrying Rudra rolls down the cliff.

Shrishti reaches there in time and finds Preeta with Rudra in arms, hanging to a tree branch. She runs to help Preeta. She gets help from the auto driver. Shrishti rescues Preeta with much difficulty. Preeta asks her to save Rudra. She gives the baby to Shrishti. Shrishti asks Preeta to give her a hand. Preeta holds Shrishti’s hand. Shrishti manages to pull her upwards. Preeta asks Shrishti to take care of her babies and Karan if anything happens to her. Shrishti cries for her. Preeta faints down. A leap of 20 years takes place. Luthras are seen celebrating Janmashtami. Rakhi prepares for puja.

Kareena asks Kritika to call their Krishna, Shaurya. Rakhi tells that she will go and get Shaurya. She wishes Bani and seeks her blessings. Rishabh wishes Rakhi. She tells that he didn’t change till now. She asks him to first devote time to puja and then go to the office. He agrees. She misses Karan. The family waits for Shaurya. Shaurya is seen enjoying a drive with his friends. He hits the speeding car at the gate. The Luthra mansion nameplate falls off. Shaurya doesn’t care. He stumbles in a drunken state. He continues to drink and enters the house with his girlfriends.

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