3 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Post Leap stunners

3 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Post Leap stunners

3 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Post Leap stunners Kundali Bhagya written update, news, and Spoilers. 1. Nidhi in the Luthra family Rishabh and Nidhi are shown married and taking care of Shaurya as their son. Nidhi’s entry into the Luthras family was the least expected one. Nidhi’s first look as the traditional bahu of the Luthra family is the show stunner this week. Nidhi has been in love with Karan, who had her husband’s face. Post leap, Karan isn’t shown in the track. He is still in the hospital in a state of coma. Karan and Preeta’s pairing is just missed by Rakhi in the house. Rakhi is seen missing both her son and Bahu. Nidhi fails to handle Shaurya, though she loves him as her son. She feels dutiful about Karan’s son because her sister Anjali has ruined the Luthra family’s happiness. Rishabh supports Nidhi when he should have supported Preeta in Karan’s absence. Strange twist but surprising for the viewers.

2. Preeta’s memory loss


Preeta’s memory loss wasn’t expected in the track. What was expected was Preeta getting away from the Luthras by her self-decision and raising her son Rajveer all alone. It’s shown that Preeta is away from the Luthras only because of memory loss, and the day she regains her memory, she will run back to Karan and the Luthras. Preeta doesn’t even remember that Rajveer is her son Rudraksh. She thinks Rajveer is Sameer and Shrishti’s son and gives him all the best as his Maasi. Rajveer is also unaware of the truth that Preeta is his biological mother. Too many twists are put up in the post-leap track to make sure that the drama never ends.

3. Preeta and Rudraksh are dead

Preeta is assumed dead by the entire family. Rakhi thinks Preeta and Rudraksh have died in the accident. The Luthras aren’t seen cursing Anjali for looting their happiness. They get the wrong information about Preeta and accept that as fate. But, they do have another bahu Shrishti, who they don’t care about. Shrishti is living with Preeta and Rudraksh. She gets helpless to name Rudraksh Rajveer, and raise him as her own. Shrishti is seen as remorseful over the past that snatches everything from Preeta. Preeta’s existence news will be one big thing for the Luthras to know.



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