Imlie Dhairya Storm Promo Update New story

Imlie Dhairya Storm Promo Update New story

Imlie Dhairya Storm Promo Update New story Imlie gets promoted. She wants to inform Atharv about her promotion. Dhairya throws the files at Atharv’s table. He tells that the files will help him in making the proposal. Atharv thanks him for his help. They both apologize to each other. Atharv and Dhairya get into an argument in the office. Atharv tells that he is extremely sorry for whatever happened. He adds that he doesn’t live his life as people think, just because his dad is rich. He wants to work hard and prepare a proposal. He wants to help Rana and cover the loss in the business.

He keeps his promise to Imlie. He gets into tension. He tells that he doesn’t know anything about the transport business because he is a rockstar. He has many files to read. He tells that Rana hugged him and he was much happy to have him in the office. He doesn’t want to disappoint Rana. She shows her faith in him. He asks the reason for the call. She tells that she wanted to talk to him. She wishes him all the best. She hopes that he doesn’t make any mistake that ruins many lives. Imlie checks her laptop. She finds her research file missing. She doesn’t know how to help Atharv. She goes to tell him.


She sees Atharv sleeping, without completing the proposal. She grows worried about the proposal presentation. Kia takes revenge on them and wants them to be called failures in their offices. She deletes Imlie’s files. Imlie goes to look for Atharv. She falls into big trouble when she finds the water tank falling overhead. Dhairya reaches there and catches the water tank in time. He saves Imlie’s life. Atharv sees Dhairya with Imlie. He shouts and asks Imlie to get away from Dhairya. Dhairya brings a storm into their lives.


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