Radha Mohan Holi Promo Update Radha bashes Bhushan

Radha Mohan Holi Promo Update Radha bashes Bhushan

Radha Mohan Holi Promo Update Radha bashes Bhushan Radha plays holi. Bhushan Mama ji reaches her and applies the holi colors to her while having evil intentions in his mind. He touches her on the pretext of applying the holi. Radha knows his intentions and beats him with a stick, saying that women beat evil men who cross their limits. Mohan comes there. Radha gets blamed for Mama ji’s mistake. Mohan takes a stand for Radha. He says that Radha can be a liar, but she can’t be characterless. He gives a stick to Radha and asks her to beat Mama ji so much that the latter never eyes any woman evilly. He asks her to clean all the stains of the holi. Radha bashes Bhushan and exposes his evil to one and all.



Meet and Manmeet get together to fight the wrong. They don’t want Sarkar to abandon Yashoda. They stand against injustice and raise a voice to support Yashoda. They tell that they will not let Sarkar get remarried to Jalebi. Meet asks Yashoda not to lose her rights. Yashoda has given up after Sarkar forces her to sign the divorce papers. Sarkar tells that it’s his way to punish her for the mistake. He declares his marriage to Jalebi. He brings the banner and discloses it. He tells that he will see who will stop his marriage. He makes Jalebi perform the rituals, but Manmeet intervenes.

Manmeet can’t see Yashoda getting punished. Manmeet’s brothers also support Yashoda. They fail in saving Yashoda from Sarkar’s anger. They don’t want anyone else to take Yashoda’s place. Meet also opposes Sarkar. She pledges to stop Sarkar’s marriage and make him realize his mistake. Yashoda knows that she has done a mistake and she can’t defend herself. She respects Sarkar’s decision to divorce her. She doesn’t want Meet and Manmeet to oppose Sarkar. She blindly follows his decisions. Meet wants Sarkar to see Yashoda’s devotion towards him.

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